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The Home Budget Tour


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This quick tour shows you how we set up and use the Sample Home Budget Workbook.I hope you enjoy it and add your own spin as you make your personal budget fit your own needs.

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The Home Budget Tour

  1. 1. Holly Justice People | Projects | Software | Communication Come along for a quick tour of the Sample Home Budget!
  2. 2. Holly Justice There are several spreadsheets in the budget workbook. Let’s start with the “Family Budget Projection”.
  3. 3. Holly Justice Holly Justice Here we project our estimated income and expenses for the year.
  4. 4. Holly Justice We start with sources of income for year such as paychecks. Extra income may recorded from gifts or tax returns.
  5. 5. Holly Justice We take a look at our bills and expenses from last year. For most expenses we usually project a slight increase.
  6. 6. Holly Justice We plan for special expenses like a vacation or a special project to fix up our house.
  7. 7. Holly Justice Holly Justice From our monthly estimates, we can see the projection for each quarter and the entire year.
  8. 8. Holly Justice Now let’s look at the “Family Budget Actual” spreadsheet.
  9. 9. Holly Justice Holly Justice Here we start tracking our actual expenses and income monthly.
  10. 10. Holly Justice On a monthly basis, things could be better for us or worse, due to changes in income or expenses.
  11. 11. Holly Justice So our family takes a different approach. We look ahead and say “How we doing this quarter? ”
  12. 12. Holly Justice Holly Justice For example, in January we are over budget due to high expenses. However, we will recover quickly the next month. The quarterly total is more important than the monthly total.
  13. 13. Holly Justice Now let’s check to see “How Are We Doing?”
  14. 14. Holly Justice Here we can check our projection against the actual results.
  15. 15. Holly Justice Holly Justice On this budget the electricity and natural gas cost more than we projected. Now we can improve our plan for next year.
  16. 16. Holly Justice The charts add visual meaning to the data. This chart shows we projected more income than we actually received.
  17. 17. Holly Justice Now let’s look at the “Difference in Expenses Chart”.
  18. 18. Holly Justice Holly Justice This chart shows the difference in projected verses actual expenses. When the cylinders fall below the middle line, your costs were greater than what you had projected.
  19. 19. Holly Justice Now let’s look at the “Actual Expenses Chart”.
  20. 20. Holly Justice The final chart shows the allocation of money spent.
  21. 21. Holly Justice This chart helps you see where you might be able to reduce your expenses.
  22. 22. Holly Justice That’s all the tabs in the workbook! I hope you enjoyed this sample.
  23. 23. Holly Justice People | Projects | Software | Communication I hope you will put your own spin on this example to make a family budget to fit your own needs.