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Understanding the Allocations Process


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Nicole presented a summary of the allocations process at the June 2016 meeting of the Positive Committee. The Ryan White Part A FY2017-2018 allocations meetings for the 3 regions of the Philadelphia EMA will be held in June at the Office of HIV Planning.

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Understanding the Allocations Process

  1. 1. Understanding the Allocation process
  2. 2. Planning Council budgets to Service Categories AACO contracts with service providers Feds grant funds based on epidemic and grant application
  3. 3. Deciding how to divide the EMA’s grant money is like deciding how to cut a pie.
  4. 4. The EMA received $ 21 million in Ryan White Part A in 2015 75% of that must be allocated to “core services” 25% or less can be allocated to “supportive services” Philadelphia EMA allocated 80% to core services and about 17% to supportive services
  5. 5. ▪ Outpatient and ambulatory health services ▪ AIDS Drug Assistance Program treatments in accordance with the minimum drug list ▪ Drug Reimbursement ▪ Oral health care ▪ Early intervention services ▪ Health insurance premium and cost sharing assistance for low income individuals ▪ Home health care ▪ Home and community-based health services ▪ Medical nutrition therapy ▪ Medical case management, including treatment adherence service ▪ Hospice services ▪ Mental health services ▪ Substance abuse outpatient care Blue= Not Currently Funded
  6. 6.  Ambulatory Care $6,500,392  Case Management $6,117,032  Substance Abuse Treatment-Outpatient $363,506  Mental Health Therapy/Counseling $518,789  Medical Nutrition Therapy $59,946  Oral Health Care $797,412
  7. 7. Transportation $438,288 Food Bank/Home-Delivered Meals $311,927 Housing Assistance $584,613 Legal Services (Other Professional Services) $398,676 Emergency Financial Assistance $71,288 Local AIDS Pharmaceutical Assistance – 1,279,961 Another $3.1 million is allocated to system-wide categories like Administration (AACO), Planning Council Support (OHP), Capacity Building, Information and Referral (AACO Hotline),etc.
  8. 8. Region 2014 PLWHAs Philadelphia 19,494 71.8% PA 4,161 15.3% NJ 3,466 12.8% Our EMA uses living HIV and AIDS cases to decide how to divide the funding for each region. Each region receives a portion of funding equal to the number of living HIV/AIDS cases.
  9. 9. Finance Committee members chair the meeting Everyone has the opportunity to speak to offer ideas and suggestions at the appropriate time 4 budgets are drafted: Level Funding (exactly the same amount) 5% Decrease 5% Increase 10% Increase Only Planning Council members present can vote on the region’s drafts
  10. 10.  Each region’s budgets are presented to the Planning Council for final approval (July meeting)  Planning Council may make changes to these drafts before final approval  These regional budgets are combined into an EMA budget and included in the Part A grant application  AACO is required by federal law to follow the allocations as approved by the Planning Council  Any changes to the allocations must be presented to the Planning Council by AACO