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PrEP Campaign Implementation Outside of Philly


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Antonio Boone presented on PrEP campaigns that have been implemented in the US outside Philadelphia at the February 2016 meeting of the Philadelphia HIV Prevention Planning Group (HPG).

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PrEP Campaign Implementation Outside of Philly

  1. 1. PrEP Campaign Implementation Outside of Philly Antonio Boone Office of HIV Planning
  2. 2. PS 15-1509 Principles of high impact prevention should guide the selection and implementation of activities and strategies to focus on MSM of color at substantial risk for HIV infection, and those living with HIV.  MSM of color who are at risk for HIV acquisition but not eligible for or decline PrEP will be provided risk reduction interventions, partner services if diagnosed with an STD, re-testing for HIV and STDs in 3-6 months, and behavioral health and social services  The purpose of this FOA is to support state and local health departments and their community partners to provide comprehensive models of HIV prevention and care services for MSM of color.
  3. 3. PDPH 15-1509 PROJECT NARRATIVE  PDPH states that PS15-1509 funding would enable:  The transition from point-of-care to 4th generation lab based testing.  Provide additional resources to reach MSM of color.  Support high risk HIV- individuals with PrEP/nPEP.  Partner Services  Behavioral interventions  Immediate linkage to care for individuals with acute HIV infection  Goals:  Reduce sexual risk taking  Decrease testing barriers  Combat LGBT stigma  Inform young MSM about PrEP/nPEP  Empower young men to make healthy decisions.
  4. 4. NEW YORK/#PLAYSURE  Launched December 1, 2015 Plan Includes both PrEP and PEP  First steps involved assembling key parties and establishing a PrEP workgroup.  Increasing community and provider awareness and access.  Supporting and monitoring appropriate implementation.  NY city and state Dept of Public Health used new and traditional media to promote PrEP  #PlaySure   Used twitter retweets to track the proliferation of media.  NY lessons learned included the importance of well- designed PrEP /PEP materials  The use of a data driven approach and the difficulty of starting new PrEP/PEP sites  Creativity and advance planning were key for monitoring and evaluation of implementation
  5. 5. CHICAGO/#PREP4LOVE  Launched February 2016  AIDS Foundation of Chicago and Chicago Department of Public Health co-convened Chicago PrEP Working Group  Goal: To improve awareness and access to PrEP  4 prongs of implementation, each carried out by various stakeholders/organizations  Healthcare access  PrEP/PEP centers of excellence  Media marketing  #PrEP4Love   HIV workforce and provider training  Fundraised to cover the costs of campaign.
  6. 6. WASHINGTON/WE-ARE-1.COM  Composed of 12 community based organizations, agencies and health departments.  Developed multi-jurisdictional marketing/media PrEP promotion campaign for communities and providers.  Washington State Department of Health and state HPG outlined 6 outcomes  Suppressed viral load among those living w/ HIV  Decreased GC and Syphilis among PLWHA and MSM  Increased use of PrEP and nPEP  Increased condom use  Increased use of clean needles/syringes
  7. 7. SAN FRANCISCO  Developed by San Francisco AIDS Foundation, SF Department of public Health, Project Inform, Be The Generation, Gilead Sciences and other health agencies, CBO’s and PrEP advocates.
  8. 8. OHIO  Developed by AIDS Resource Center Ohio.  Includes free mobile app for download on Google Play and Apple Store  Received grant from National Library of Medicine
  9. 9. KEY CAMPAIGN COMPONENTS  Campaign website designs are simple  Basic PrEP101  No information overload  Campaigns are developed with community input.  Spokespersons/models are reflective of the community’s diverse populations.  Sites provide a list of all PrEP providers within in the area.  EMA’s with the most memorable and visible campaigns were developed by working collaboratively.  All sites provided links to CDC PrEP pages.
  10. 10. ADDITIONAL RESOURCES  My PrEP Experience  Project Inform  Prep Social Marketing presentation  James Pickett, AIDS Foundation of Chicago