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National HIV Prevention Conference


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Jen Chapman presents on the National HIV Prevention Conference, held on December 6th-9th in Atlanta.

Published in: Health & Medicine
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National HIV Prevention Conference

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  2. 2. Released at NHPC Designed to help organizations carefully focus work they may already be doing as well as identify new activities tailored to their organization’s mission and capacity.The Framework can be used to stimulate dialogue and action within organizations and across communities so that, together, we achieve an even bigger impact. Released at the White House on World AIDS Day FAP details 170 action items that those agencies will undertake to best leverage resources, capacity, and expertise as they work collaboratively to achieve the goals of the Strategy. Example. The new “Know the Facts First” campaign addresses two of the key recommendations from the updated Strategy: developing and deploying evidence-based social marketing and education campaigns, and promoting age-appropriate HIV and STI prevention education.
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