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Integrated Planning Process Review, 2016


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The OHP's Nicole Johns reviewed the process of putting together the Integrated HIV Prevention and Care Plan at the August meeting of the Philadelphia Ryan White Part A Planning Council.

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Integrated Planning Process Review, 2016

  1. 1. Integrated Planning Process Review
  2. 2. 2015  June – Integrated plan guidance released  Summer 2015 – AACO and OHP staff reviewed guidance and developed work plan  October – Comprehensive Planning reviewed guidance  November – Planning Council and HPG reviewed guidance  November – Comprehensive Planning reviewed comprehensive goals and objectives (former plan)
  3. 3. Winter 2016  January – AACO and OHP staff met to review first draft of plan materials  January - Comprehensive Planning brainstorming session & structural interventions  February – Comprehensive Planning discussed service needs – housing, transportation, health insurance premium and cost sharing assistance  March – Comprehensive Planning discussed health insurance premium and cost-sharing assistance analysis  March – Integrated Executive committee brainstormed and received an update on the progress of the plan
  4. 4. Spring 2016  April – Comprehensive Planning reviewed transportation survey results, discussed opioid dependency and overdose, and received report on heterosexual focus groups  April – Planning Council received presentation from Client services unit  April – Dr. Brady presented Epi overview to joint Planning Council and HPG meeting  May – Comprehensive Planning continued discussions around structural interventions and service needs
  5. 5. Summer 2016  June – Comprehensive planning & Needs Assessment review section 1 of the plan  July – Comprehensive Planning, Needs Assessment & HPG reviewed section 2 of the plan  July – Integrated Executive committee received update on plan progress  July – Planning Council reviewed section 1, received plan to review
  6. 6. Collaboration  AACO staff participated in RWPC and HPG meetings throughout this process, providing feedback and data for the plan  OHP and AACO staff have ongoing collaboration on the drafts of the plan  PA HPG received overview of the plan (July 2016)  Representatives from NJDPH and PADOH provided clarifications and data for the plan
  7. 7. What’s next  Comprehensive Planning will work with OHP and AACO staff to develop the monitoring section more fully  Final draft will be uploaded to OHP website in August  Plan is due to CDC and HRSA September 30th
  8. 8. Thanks for your feedback and ideas!