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Creative Arts Therapies at Parkway Health and Wellness


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Representatives from the Creative Arts Therapies program at Parkway Health and Wellness presented at the January, 2017 meeting of the Positive Committee. The presentation focused on what art therapy is and what services are provided at the organization.

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Creative Arts Therapies at Parkway Health and Wellness

  1. 1. SECTION TITLE | 2 Creative Arts Therapies at Parkway Health & Wellness Michele Rattigan, MA, ATR-BC, NCC, LPC Yasmine Awais, MAAT, ATR-BC, ATCS, LCAT, LPC Ellen Schelly-Hill, MMT, BC-DMT, NCC, LPC Flossie Ierardi, MM, MT-BC, LPC
  2. 2. SECTION TITLE | 2 Parkway Health and Wellness • Parkway Health & Wellness of the Drexel University College of Nursing and Health Professions (CNHP) serves as a site for inter-professional collaboration across research and clinical practice.
  3. 3. SECTION TITLE | 2 Parkway Health and Wellness offerings: • Creative Arts Therapies (art, music, and dance/movement) • Individual, couple, and family therapies • Nutrition • Physical therapy • Women’s health services (starting Jan. 2017) • Mother Baby Connections
  4. 4. SECTION TITLE | 2 Parkway Health and Wellness Center City location: Three Parkway Building 1601 Cherry Street, 2nd Floor Philadelphia, PA 19102 Phone: 215.553.7012 Email:
  5. 5. SECTION TITLE | 2 Affordable Sliding Scale Creative Arts Therapies and Couples & Family Therapies do not take insurance.
  6. 6. SECTION TITLE | 2 Creative Arts Therapies: Our Mission As credentialed creative arts therapists, our mission is to provide treatment utilizing the healing power of the arts within the safety of a therapeutic relationship. We honor diversity of our clients’ cultures, abilities, and values.
  7. 7. SECTION TITLE | 2 Creative Arts Therapies: Our Purpose We strive to be a resource for our clients and local community through therapy, outreach, education, and advocacy.
  8. 8. SECTION TITLE | 2 What are “Creative Arts Therapies”? • Creative Arts Therapists are human service professionals who use distinct arts-based methods and creative processes for the purpose of ameliorating disability and illness and optimizing health and wellness. Treatment outcomes include, for example, improving communication and expression, and increasing physical, emotional, cognitive and/or social functioning (National Coalition of Creative Arts Therapies Associations)
  9. 9. SECTION TITLE | 2 A non-verbal form of communication and expression for people of all ages and abilities A creative way for individuals, groups, couples, and families to safely uncover and problem solve the heart of the matter at hand A resource for discovering strength and resilience What is ART THERAPY?
  10. 10. SECTION TITLE | 2 Therapeutic Art Making • Community building • Relaxation • Stress reduction • Not necessarily art therapy and so does not require an art therapist Art Therapy (above, plus...) • Symbolic expression for • problem solving, • symptom relief, • relationship building, • And the overall enhancement of health & psychological well being “This is what my life is like”
  11. 11. SECTION TITLE | 2 Materials in Art Therapy Sometimes people think only about drawing, painting, or clay; but art therapists use lots of different materials - even digital media and photography- to assist their clients. NO ARTISTIC SKILL OR TALENT NECESSARY! “Pain behind the eye.” Made on a computer program by someone experiencing chronic headaches.
  12. 12. SECTION TITLE | 2 Music Therapy “Music therapy is a reflexive process wherein the therapist helps the client to optimize the client’s health, using various facets of music experience and the relationships formed through them as the impetus for change.” --Ken Bruscia, Defining Music Therapy, 2014
  13. 13. SECTION TITLE | 2 Music Therapy • Accesses a preserved area of health • Provides a non-verbal means of self- expression • Allows control over environment • Assists in pain management • Addresses quality of life, spirituality, self-esteem
  14. 14. SECTION TITLE | 2 Musicality • Intense human interest in music, evident from the early days of life • Humans are intensely social; music is a largely social endeavor • Sandra Trehub, 2003 (Nature Neuroscience) • Music child: musical self; innate responsiveness to music in every human being • Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy • Musical skills develop naturally; inherent in all individuals • Cynthia Briggs, 1991 (Music Therapy)
  15. 15. SECTION TITLE | 2 Dance/Movement Therapy… is “the psychotherapeutic use of movement to promote emotional, social, cognitive and physical integration of the individual” (
  16. 16. SECTION TITLE | 2 Dance Movement Therapy • Focuses on movement behavior in the therapeutic relationship. • Effective for individuals with developmental, medical, social, physical and psychological impairments. • Can be helpful for people of all ages, races and ethnic backgrounds in individual, couples, family and group therapy formats.
  17. 17. SECTION TITLE | 2 ‘But…I can’t dance…’ “The extensive range of dance/movement therapy techniques and the needs and abilities of participants allow for a wide variety of movement activities in dance/movement therapy sessions. Dance/movement characteristics, from subtle and ordinary movement behaviors to expressive, improvisational dancing could occur” (
  18. 18. SECTION TITLE | 2 HIV/AIDS: Reflecting on 15 years in New York City • YASMINE AWAIS, MAAT, ATR-BC, ATCS, LCAT, LPC • Assistant Clinical Professor • Creative Arts Therapies Department
  19. 19. SECTION TITLE | 2 Creating, Listening, & Moving Using the arts for reflection and self –care (experiential)