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Client Services Unit Update 2018


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Ricardo Colon of the AIDS Activities Coordinating Office provided this overview of AACO's Client Services Unit to the HIV Integrated Planning Council on May 10, 2018. It includes information on the medical case management program and top needs identified at client intake.

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Client Services Unit Update 2018

  1. 1. Client Services Unit Health Information Hotline AIDS Activities Coordinating Office HIV Integrated Planning Council May 10,2018
  2. 2. Agenda 1 Mission 2 Key Point of Entry: Medical Case Management Services 3 Intake Data 4 Transition of AACO Housing Services Program 5 Consumer Feedback Process
  3. 3. CSU Mission Help people living with HIV and at-risk individuals understand their needs and make informed decisions about possible solutions Advocate on behalf of those who need special support Reinforce clients’ capacity for self-reliance and self- determination through • education • collaborative planning • problem solving
  4. 4. Key Point of Entry Intake services to HIV positive individuals requesting Medical Case Management Services
  5. 5. Medical Case Management (MCM) Services in the Philadelphia EMA
  6. 6. HRSA MCM Definition • The provision of a range of client-centered activities focused on improving health outcomes in support of the HIV care continuum • Activities may be prescribed by an interdisciplinary team that includes other specialty care providers • Includes all types of encounters (e.g. face-to-face, phone contact and any other forms of communication)
  7. 7. MCM Key Activities • Initial assessment of service needs • Development of a comprehensive, individualized care plan • Timely and coordinated access to medically appropriate levels of health and support services • Continuous client monitoring to assess the efficacy of the plan • HIV treatment adherence counseling • Client-specific advocacy • Assessment of client needs is ongoing • Re-evaluation of the care plan at least every six months
  8. 8. MCM vs. Non-MCM • “Medical Case Management services have as their objective improving health care outcomes whereas Non-Medical Case Management Services have as their objective providing guidance and assistance in improving access to needed services.” HIV/AIDS Bureau Policy 16-02
  9. 9. MCM Services in the EMA • Approximately $8 million allocated to medical case management in RW Part A/B and MAI funding • AACO funded subrecipients provided MCM services to 8,082 unduplicated clients in CY 2017 • 1976 intakes completed through the Client Services Unit in CY 2017 • 23 subrecipients funded throughout the EMA • CBOs/ASOs • Hospital outpatient infectious disease clinics, including pediatric sites • Stand alone HIV clinics
  10. 10. CSU Responsibilities • Information and referral services for all other AACO funded programs • Feedback about funded providers • HIV Housing Advisory Meetings (DHCD) • Homeless Death Reviews (MEO) • CEA-BHRS Workgroups (OHS) • HIPC Positive Committee • Transitional Planning Initiative
  11. 11. CSU Information Health Information Helpline is open 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through Friday 800/215-985-2437 Staffing: Manager SW Supervisor 4 City Social Workers Staff speak Spanish & French Other languages available through PDPH translation services
  12. 12. CSU Wait List 40 people as of 5/8/18 Followed by CSU Intake Workers Emergencies and other priority populations are immediately referred to MCM providers • SCI Clients CSU workers facilitate HIV medical appointments for all clients reporting no HIV medical care in last six months
  13. 13. Intake Data
  14. 14. 2017 Intake Demographics
  15. 15. 2017 Intake Demographics
  16. 16. 2017 Intake Demographics
  17. 17. 2017 Intake Demographics
  18. 18. Calendar Year 2017: Client Needs at Intake (N=1976) All Clients Male Female Afr. Amer. MSM Latino MSM Number of Intakes 1976 1291 604 469 74 Percent of Total Intakes 100% 65.3% 30.6% 23.7% 3.7% Service Category Housing 50.1% 51.7% 48.5% 55.2% 40.5% Food Bank/Voucher/ Home Delivered Meal 23.5% 21.8% 28.3% 17.7% 23.0% Treatment Adherence 40.9% 39.7% 45.0% 39.9% 37.8% Benefits Assistance 40.2% 39.0% 43.9% 30.3% 40.5% Medical Care 26.5% 26.4% 24.5% 24.7% 24.3% Transportation Assistance 22.8% 20.3% 29.1% 18.3% 10.8%
  19. 19. AACO Housing Services Program Transitioned AACO HSP centralized intake for applicants from Philadelphia and Delaware Counties seeking permanent rental assistance (subsidized housing) The main referral source for housing sponsors providing Housing Opportunities for People With AIDS (HOPWA) or HIV/AIDS Shelter Plus Care (S+C) housing
  20. 20. AACO Housing Services Program Transitioned • Processed and evaluated individual applications for housing • Maintained the waiting list: - 10 to 12 years for rent burdened - 2 to 3 years for homeless • AACO Housing Slots & Waiting List transitioned to OHS (Clearinghouse): July 1, 2017 CEA-BHRS: Streamlined and Standardized application process for multiple housing streams
  21. 21. HOMELESS ASSISTANCE SERVICES AVAILABLE THROUGH CEA-BHRS • Homeless Prevention (HP) • Emergency Housing (EH) • Transitional Housing (TH) • Rapid Re-Housing (RRH) • Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH)
  22. 22. Consumer Feedback Process • Addresses client feedback regarding any and all AACO funded Care/Prevention services • All AACO funded subrecipients must have a grievance process • Subrecipients must share this process with all clients • Clients have the option of calling the Health Information Helpline