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An Introduction to HITRACKING


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Published in: Technology, Business
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An Introduction to HITRACKING

  1. 1. An Introduction to Copyright ©2013 Adinnovation Inc. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. HITRACKING is a solution to make your app business a success. Product Concept Release Date: Late October 2013
  3. 3. 1. Track your app from various aspects of business. 2. Made in Japan, home of the world’s most advanced mobile app technology. 3. Install just ONE SDK. 4. Use all functions for free. Features
  4. 4. Track your App Business ・A sophisticated app tracking tool focused on the monetisation of the app business. ・Identify who is generating your revenue, where they installed your app and more. ・Not merely conventional “ad tracking”, but “total app tracking”. ・Not just “advertising ROI”, but other data too. Analyse the monetisation of your entire business.
  5. 5. Monetisation Analysis
  6. 6. Made In Japan ・The Japanese app market has been growing rapidly. ・Fully immersed in this market, we have employed all our experience in the tracking business over the past three years, pouring our know-how into HITRACKING - a tool which has brought success to Japanese app publishers. ・All the quality you would expect from a product “Made In Japan”.
  7. 7. Market Share in Japan over 50%We deliver the tracking engine for more than half* of ad tracking tools for mobile apps released in Japan. *Including OEM
  8. 8. A Track Record in Japanese Market DAUs 50,000↑ New Users Total DAUs Acquisitions(Promotion) *Owned media *advertorial *Rank boost (Android) *Increasing the organic installs * Optimized adnrtworks *Rank boost (iOS) Case Study: Gossip News Aggregation App (iOS/Android) ・ Reached 50K DAUs within only 2 months. Has begun to turn a profit. ・ Optimised the combination of acquisitions of paid ads, owned media and organic installs. ・ Uses our tracking tool (Japanese version).
  9. 9. Just ONE SDK ・HITRACKING integrates and analyses all the SDKs from each ad network and adverting service. ・With HITRACKING, there is no need to install multiple SDKs in your apps. ・Reduces the development time and cost needed to install multiple SDKs. ・Connect and integrate new ad networks instantly from your administration screen.
  10. 10. Requests/Month* Fee -249,999 FREE 250,000-499,999 $300 500,000-999,999 $500 1,000,000- $1,000 For Free! ・Registration is free. ・Use all functionality for free* ・Simple, reasonable price plan for paid service. ・Moreover, as an initial promotion, free and unlimited use until February 2014! All FREE until February 2014! *There is a monthly request volume limit
  11. 11. Get Started Now! [Pre-registration by e-mail] You can... ・Receive service release information quickly. ・Download an English language report on the “Mobile Application Market in Japan” for free. ・Receive regular reports on mobile app promotions.