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Vehicles used for pharmaceutical preparations

powerpoint presentation for teachers and student.

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Vehicles used for pharmaceutical preparations

  1. 1. SEMINAR PRESENTATION NAME:- HITARTHSINH.D.SOLANKI ROLL NO.:- 50 SUBJECT:- TOPIC:- Vehicles used for pharmaceutical preparations
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION :- • Vehicles for pharmaceutical preparation • Ideal properties
  3. 3. Vehicles For Pharmaceutical Preparation  Substance which are of little or no therapeutic value but which are added to the formulation in order to :-  Help the production.  Maintain physiologically stability.  Improve patient acceptability.  To improve the functioning of the dosage form as a DDS.  Pharmceuticals aids necessities adjuvants or excipients
  4. 4. Ideal Properties  Physiologically inert  Physiologically stable  Do not impart any undesired taste , colour, and odour.  Non toxic , Non irritant , Non sensitizing  Effective in low concentration  Free from microorganism  Not interfere with bioavailability of the drug  Accepted by regulatory authorities
  5. 5. Medium in which ingredients of a formulation are dissolve suspended or dispersed. Pharmaceuticals vehicles can be classified as under- Vehicles can be of many types depending their use and route of administration. The vehicle can be of any type oily , aqueous , solid and semi solid type VEHICLES
  6. 6.  Aqueous vehicles Water , Aromatic water , Alcohol , Glycerine , Propylene glycol.  Oily Vehicles Vegetables oils , Minerals oils , Organic oils bases Or Emulsified bases. Vehicles in liquid dosage form
  7. 7.  Oleaginous Cacao butter , Adeps neutralis  Aqueous PEGs or Glycerinated , gelatine  Solid and Semi Solid Sugar and gum Semi solid dosage form
  8. 8. Creams and Gels  Oily bases White petroleum , lanolin, cholesterol Aqueous Hydro alcoholic , Alcoholic and Non aqueous