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Watson Health a Population Health Platform


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Annette Hicks - IBM - Platinum Sponsor Address. HiNZ 2015 Conference, Christchurch

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Watson Health a Population Health Platform

  1. 1. PLATINUM SPONSOR ADDRESS: Watson Health a Population Health Platform Annette Hicks
  2. 2. Watson Health A Population Health Platform Annette Hicks IBM Health Industry Lead A/NZ
  3. 3. Healthcare is burdened with many inefficient systems 4 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% 15% 20% 25% 30% 35% 40% 45% System inefficiency as % of total economic value by system Improvementpotential as%ofsystem inefficiency Education 1,360 Building & Transport Infrastructure 12,540 Healthcare 4,270 Government & Safety 5,210 Electricity 2,940 Financial 4,580 Food & Water 4,890 Transportation (Goods & Passenger) 6,950 Leisure / Recreation / Clothing 7,800 Communication 3,960 Analysis of inefficiencies in the planet‘s system-of-systems For example, Healthcare system‘s value is $4,270B. It carries an estimated inefficiency of 42%. From that level of 42% inefficiency, economists estimate that ~34% can be eliminated Note: Size of the bubble indicate absolute value of the system in USD Billions 42% 34% This chart shows ‘systems‘ (not ‘industries‘) Source: IBM economists survey 2009; n= 480
  4. 4. Despite the significant clinical advances of the last 50 years, health services are faced with the same persistent problems: patient harm, waste, unwarranted variation, inequity, and failure to prevent the preventable. Health services are also faced with the new challenges of rising demand and resource constraints. BUT we are in the midst of a Third Healthcare Revolution driven by citizens, knowledge and the internet. Third Healthcare Revolution – Prof Muir Gray
  5. 5. The Mega Trends Mobile Social Cloud Analytics 6
  6. 6. Healthcare Industry is dealing with data overload 60% of determinants of health Volume, Variety, Velocity, Veracity 30%of determinants of health Volume 10% of determinants of health Variety Clinical data Genomics data Exogenous data (Behavior, Socio-economic, Environmental, ...) 1100 Terabytes Generated per lifetime 6 TBPer lifetime 0.4 TB Per lifetime Source: "The Relative Contribution of Multiple Determinants to Health Outcomes", Lauren McGover et al., Health Affairs, 33, no.2 (2014)
  7. 7. Delivering value – extreme patient focus and insight Clinical data Genomics data Exogenous data Medical Literature Guidelines Institutional Knowledge
  8. 8. Major Areas of Innovations in Data-Driven Analytics Genomics Analytics Cognitive system for mapping sequencing results to literature Medical Sieve Cognitive radiology assistant with advanced visual and textual reasoning Personalized System of Insights Patient Similarity Analytics Advanced data-driven analytics on longitudinal patient data
  9. 9. IBM Watson Health Cloud HIPAA compliant, standard based, massively scalable Solutions IBM & Ecosystem Solutions Data Structured & unstructured Insights Cognitive & Advanced Analytics ProvidersPayersResearchersIndividuals PharmaGovt.
  10. 10. IBM Watson Health delivers knowledge and information using differentiated capabilities IBM Watson Health // ©2015 International Business Machines Corporation Advanced Analytics & Machine Learning Actionable insights at the point of care delivery Cognitive computing KnowledgeInformationData
  11. 11. Ecosystem for delivering value to healthcare industry Selected HC Partners 250+ partners overall in Healthcare
  12. 12. Thank You