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National Health IT Board Consumer Panel


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Presented by Stephanie Fletcher
Chair, NHITB Consumer Panel

Published in: Health & Medicine, Education
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National Health IT Board Consumer Panel

  1. 1. Consumer Panel National Health IT Board Stephanie Fletcher Chair
  2. 2. Structure of Panel
  3. 3. Why is there a Consumer Panel? What is the Panel’s Purpose?
  4. 4. Engaged Patients – rebalancing the clinical relationship
  5. 5. Protecting Personal Health Information – Consumer Expectations Document
  6. 6. Consumer expectations document Principles Framework Professional Practice Consumer Consent
  7. 7. Consumers want the right to …… • read the whole of their personal health information held in any format • add comments and notes to their personal health information • add and create details into their health records • control access to their personal health information and health records • have their interests represented in all decisions about personal health information, at operational and governance levels.