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Aged Care in the Community - The Challenge


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Gavin Wright
Fraame Solutions

Published in: Health & Medicine
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Aged Care in the Community - The Challenge

  1. 1. Aged Care in the Community May 25th 2007 The challenge Many of the key community health challenges being faced today have developed from basic changes in societal structure and behavior Ageing population and workforce changes Insatiable demand and limited supply Emergence of new (and old) diseases 1
  2. 2. Supporting societal trends Communities are tolerant of behaviors and “life style” style” changes that are driving huge increased in chronic diseases such as: Diabetes Cardiovascular disease Respiratory illness Supporting an aging population Current levels of infrastructure and service profiles cannot cope effectively with the dramatic increase in life expectancy Compliance and regulatory frameworks are also increasing complexity and cost (Retirement Villages Act – May 2007) 2
  3. 3. The integration of care and effects on technology Governments are transitioning healthcare services to effect “prevention” rather than prevention” “cure”. Which is best cure” achieved in the community and at home Integration of care Standardisation of care Technology to support our communities- it’s not new! The first community based tablet handheld! 3000+BC, Mesopotamia 3
  4. 4. What is new? The NHS National Programme for IT eSAP Briefing Workshop An introduction for Suppliers 17th October 2006 The Met Hotel, Leeds NPfIT Architecture (simplified) “Existing System Providers” (ESPs) Existin Existin Commun Choose g Independ and g ity Social NHS NHS Pharmac ent Book Care GP Sector (TBC) (CAB) PAS (CAB, ETP y (CAB, SUS) (CAB) (ETP) Atos/Cerner GP2GP) SSB PDS SUS LRS PSIS Spine Security Personal Demographics “Spine” Secondary Uses Legitimate Relationship Summary Patient (BT) s Broker Service Service Record Service North NE LSP Eastern West/ London Southern CSC/ iSOFT) LSP West LSP LSP “Local (CSC/ (BT CCA/ (Fujitsu/ Service Lorenzo CRS iSOFT) Lorenzo CRS Mids Cerner) Cerner) Providers” (CSC/ Millennium Millennium (LSPs) Lorenzo CRS iSOFT) CRS CRS Agfa PACS Agfa PACS GE PACS Philips PACS GE PACS (Delivered by Accenture) 4
  5. 5. But - Our approach Somewhat more modest… modest… Service provision profiles Key service provision in aged care and home or community focused care is typically delivered by the non government and not for profit providers In Australia of the 3000 aged care facilities offering 140,000 beds 2/3 are not for profit providers 5
  6. 6. Ability to deliver These organisations are being challenged with increasing demand, reduction in skilled resource and increased compliance Whilst operating on low margins, with often modest technology capability The case for transition The use of technology that compliments the current client management process A “step” change step” rather than a “sea” sea” change Demonstrable “return on the technology investment” investment” 6
  7. 7. Information Handling Costs The average document is copied 19 times Documents cost about $20 each to file 1 out of 20 enterprise documents are lost $120 in labor searching for lost document 25 hours to recreate 400 hours per year searching for lost files PricewaterhouseCoopers Study. Programmes that support and: Integrate the electronic and manual document mediums Enables co-existence co- with standard tools, (Outlook, Word, web services) Embraces the internet and mobility 7
  8. 8. Embrace technology and evolve Move along the continuum of technology Automate business processes that derive the greatest value: Funding agreements Human resources Client information Solutions that incorporate features from digital imaging, Document Management Imaging document management, Search workflow and relationship Relationship Workflow management… Management 8
  9. 9. To then empower staff to Access key data Share relevant data Report In a cost effective and timely manner 9
  10. 10. Demonstrable Benefits Increase in 20-30% 20- productivity Savings on document 20-40% 20- handling Improvements in 20-40% 20- cycle time Improvement in client satisfaction 30-50% 30- AWV Future goals in health delivery E-enablement Access when and where information is required E-forms Assessment Compliance Contracting Integration 10
  11. 11. Example: e-form aged care assessment This is essential due to the rise in the power of the health consumer Access to relevant health information about our care Booking of time and resources Alignment of care provision between providers Assessment of need 11
  12. 12. More Information Visit: Contact: Phone: 03 377 7632 Thank you! 12