"Don’t die before you are dead"


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"Don’t die before you are dead"

  1. 1. 1 Gulfam Raza Haidery Don’t Die Before You Are Dead Don’t Die Before You Are Dead Human beings are corporeal. It is dead sure that everybody has to return towards The Creature. One can shed a light at death in two ways i.e. first category is about physical death where body along with its organs becomes motionless and the body is said to be dead body while second category includes spiritual death about which we say that body is stout but soul is no more. To comprehend the narrated topic, let’s include an instance. Let’s take the case of two friends. One is named as Brain and second one is named as Skull. Both are supposed to be brilliant and talented. They try to take the exams of CSS after graduation. Ultimately, they take exams and result is announced. Brain gets fiasco while Skull gets success. One day they meet each other. Brain says frantically; “Skull, I struggled a lot to access that status. I burnt mid night oil for amelioration but still I am unequal of your status by a word i.e. backwardness. All that strenuous effort became a wild goose chase. It seems to me that I won’t be able to get through the trials of life as it is not a bed of roses. My future seems to be wavered like a forlorn boat in the centre of the tumultuous sea. That defeat weakens me and I feel that my senses get blown away like a balloon. Skull, I am destroyed. I can’t stand up against the social pressure. The chaotic storm of defeat has created the dimness on my way to the oasis. No hope is left except darkness.” Skull listens that with sealed lips. He replies after a deep meditation; “Brain, you are talking all about to make your soul void of sprightliness. You suppose to be as wavering as falling rain drop while the mental distortion is ephemeral. You are going to be as hollow as old pumpkin. Hopelessness is curable only with doze of hope. A man without heroic approach is considered to be like a still ship which won’t ever find a coast. Let’s suppose you have a wet match box in your hand in the hard winter season and you need to set fire in the grate. You try to strike a match stick in order to ignite it but it doesn’t work. You won’t give up but go for another. If it also doesn’t work, you won’t sit aside with a hope that coldness is near to be less. Rather than that you would keep trying until sliding surface of the match box gets dried up and you will reach to have such a match stick which can’t stop burning. Then, you feel warm rays of happiness
  2. 2. 2 Gulfam Raza Haidery Don’t Die Before You Are Dead penetrating through the cold body. Think for a while, how have you gotten that done? The mainstay was your keenness, commitment and devotion that helped igniting the grate. Your hands were trembling and shivering but warmth of inner fervor stood up against the cold of outside. Actually, success pounce upon risk of failures when one doesn’t try one’s luck but one’s courage. That’s when one doesn’t think about aftermaths but for the truth of the time. That’s when one stays resolute more for sincerity and less for survival. Dear Brain, you should wanna live as a thought until your thought causes to pave the ways for the beginners. Although, dew drops has an ephemeral life but they always look stunning and alive more than anything else. Adopting the world of pessimism is just like the patch of desolate land which can give birth only to useless shrubs. Remember that there is nothing outside to defeat one’s abilities until one gets defeated by own self. Resident of thatch doesn’t mean to be the slave of darkness. History delineates the names who would never repent for the woes of defeat and luck because near to them presenting woes was an act of cowardice. Dear crony, muster up your courage and be a shield against the barricades to broaden the spheres of prosperity. Don’t let the obsession of newness to be dominated by lethargy of backwardness. Slaves of the timely desires always prove to be the losers of the time as well as courage of patience. Behave like a turncoat whom time can never causes to scrawny. Always wait for the fair weather. In nutshells, Brain, I would choose to say, “Don’t die before you are dead” i.e. don’t lose courage, don’t be weakened by the trials, don’t be coward against the catastrophes, don’t surrender against the calamities, one mustn’t mar oneself just after finding a single defeat. In broaden way, it means if one is going to mislay one’s identity of sprightliness when target is a step away, one is marked to be dead. One must not let oneself be let down even if one is in the center of the desert where scorching heat plays havocs all around. Try to be like the true loser lover who always smoothens the ways to the target in-spite of getting disappointment.” After a while Skull sees that Brain is gonna be rapturous and thrilled. Skull hugs him and admonishes, “Brain, look dude, you have got a brain in your skull and you mustn’t let yourself die before igniting the grate of defeat out of wet match box.”