Time Management in Social Media


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SoMe 2012 - 2013 Assignment 4

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Time Management in Social Media

  1. 1. SoMe 2012 - 2013Risks and Threats in Social Media Time Management By: Katia Vesikko
  2. 2. Definition: Time Management• Managing time effectively so that the right amount of time is allocated to the right activity.• Effective time management  specific time slots are given to activities according to the order of importance.• Basic time management includes: – Effective planning – Setting goals and objectives – Setting deadlines – Delegating of responsibilities – Prioritizing activities as per importance – Spending the right time on the right activity.Source: Management Study Guide 2012. Time Management – Meaning and its Importance. URL:http://www.managementstudyguide.com/time-management.htm. Date Accessed 15/10/2012
  3. 3. Social Media Time Management• How to spend less time on social media but achieve more out it.• How to gain more online connections without having to spend more time maintaining those connections.• How to use social media to change your business.
  4. 4. Better Time Management in Social Media Marketing 3 Steps • Step 1: Determine Why Your Business Uses Social Media. – Research: look for blogs, podcasts and news sites for quality information & subscribe to RSS feeds – Networking: Build a community/audience on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter – Sales & Marketing: Create videos, blog, engage with customers.
  5. 5. Better Time Management in Social Media Marketing 3 Steps • Step 2: Develop a Strategy to Manage Your Time Wisely – Create a schedule – Focus on activities that will have most impact – Keep to your business’ purpose. • Step 3: Use Tools to Maximize Your Productivity Source: Flyte 2012. 3 Steps to Better Time Management of Your Social Media Marketing. URL: http://www.flyte.biz/resources/newsletters/09/05-social-media-time- management.php. Date Accessed: 15/10/2012
  6. 6. ToolsRespond to key contacts more efficiently Good customer service; Quick responses build a good reputation & enhances effectiveness. – Use custom email filters that only notifies of messages from key people (self designated) – Use a program such as eprompter to notify when these emails are received  Better efficiency on both desktop & mobile platforms
  7. 7. ToolsTime waster: Sharing Information when no one islistening. – Use a measurement service such as Klout: measures how much people respond to information shared – BufferApp automatically schedules information shared at a time when a bigger audience is expected (i.e. more people likely to be listening)  Increases effectiveness on social media; sharing with a single click to many sites. – Other tools: Tweriod, WhentoTweet
  8. 8. TacticsGood planning is key; clear objectives are needed: – Learn community guidelines – Gaining influence with a key influencer e.g. focus on one influential social media user a day (for smaller businesses) – Experiment with different ways of engaging with community e.g. create polls, contests etc. – Set goals of number of interactions & measure results e.g. how many new followers, responses, website traffic, newsletter sign-ups etc.
  9. 9. TrackingFollow a social media communications plan – Is it working? Ifnot, trouble-shooting is needed.- Measure progress- Know your social media statistics (week to week or month to month)- Have a communications schedule (weekly schedule of when social media sites will be updated)- Follow hashtags (Twitter) and keywords (Monitter or Twitterfall search tools are useful)Source: Freelance Switch 2011. The 3 T’s of Social Media TimeManagement. URL: http://freelanceswitch.com/finding/social-media-time-management/. Date accessed: 15/10/2012.
  10. 10. ConclusionFocus on your company’s objectiveHave a plan & scheduleKeep it simple but optimizedExperimentUse the tools availableMeasure & track progress