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Personal information

  1. 1. Personal information Social Media in Marketing, Assignment 4, Pia Hoffrén 18.10.2012
  2. 2. Table of contents• Slide 3: Definition of personal information• Slide 4: Special elements and uses in personal information• Slide 5: The use of personal information• Slide 6: 5 Design Tricks Facebook Uses To Affect Your Privacy Decisions• Slide 7: Tips for guarding your information• Slide 8: Five Ways to Boost Your Facebook Privacy• Slide 9: Bibliography
  3. 3. Personal informationis recorded information about an identifiable individualthat may include his or her:1. name, address, email address, phone number2. race, nationality, ethnicity, origin, colour, religious or political beliefs or associations,3. age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, family status,4. identifying number, code, symbol,5. finger prints, blood type, inherited characteristics,6. health care history including information on physical/mental disability,7. educational, financial, criminal, employment history,8. others opinion about the individual, and9. personal views except those about other individuals.(Business Dictionary 2012)
  4. 4. Special elements and uses in personal information Companies collect and use information about customers and website visitors for a variety of purposes. Information is obtained when you interact, use products and services, and when you visit websites.
  5. 5. The use of personal informationThis information can be used to:• deliver, provide, and repair products or services• establish and maintain customer accounts and billing records• contact you about products and services and direct specific offers or promotions to you• monitor website statistics• manage and protect company’s networks• monitor the company’s customer service employees• establish your online account• predict customer preferences and to direct marketing offers by the company or by third parties.(Verizon 2012)
  6. 6. 5 Design Tricks Facebook Uses To Affect Your Privacy Decisions #1: The Single Button Trick (old design:Facebook keeps “improving” their 2 buttons = choice)design so that more of us will addapps without realising we’re #2: The Tiny Gray Font Trick (oldgranting those apps (and their design: bold black font + prominentcreators) access to our personal permission icon)information. #3: The Tiny Hidden Info Symbol Trick (old design: detailed & visibleAfter all, this access to our permissions)information and identity is thecurrency Facebook is trading in #4: The Action Line Trick (old design:and what is driving its stock up or permissions visible above action line)down. #5: The Friendly Talk Trick (old design: clear messaging) (Charkham, A. 25.8.2012.)
  7. 7. Tips for guarding your information• Limit the information you share• Set up strong passwords• Limit Unwanted Marketing Emails (Spam)• Don’t open suspicious emails -> If you receive a suspicious email, you should not reply to it, nor should you open any attachments, click on links contained in the email or provide any information in response to it.• Protect your computer from viruses, hackers and spyware by anti-virus and anti-spyware software• Get an unlisted telephone number(Verizon 2012; Consumer Action 2007)
  8. 8. Five Ways to Boost Your Facebook Privacy1. Limit Who Can Post to Your Timeline (prevent and fine-tune)2. Block Tagged Photos From Your Timeline (posts and photos your friends tag dont appear on your timeline without your explicit approval)3. Prevent Friends Apps From Gathering Your Info (Many apps ask users for access to their friends info.)4. Disable "Instant Personalization“ (By default, Facebook provides a handful of "partner websites," including Yelp and Bing, with information about you and your friends when you visit them.5. Change Your Default Post Privacy (Facebook uses the privacy setting of your most recent post as the default privacy setting for your next post— except for on certain mobile apps.(The Wall Street Journal 12.10.2012)
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