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Assignment 4 by Max Lindholm

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  1. 1. As a risk or a threat in social media in marketing
  2. 2.  What is malware? Avoid malware How to detect malware How to get rid of malware Computer viruses Different types of viruses Litterature
  3. 3.  Malware is short for malicious software It’s usually includes viruses and spyware that infects your computer or smartphone Malwares can be very troublesome and can even crash computers Criminals use malware for identity theft
  4. 4.  The easiest way is to keep your antivirus and firewall up to date Don’t open “trash mail” or visit any suspicious websites Back up your data
  5. 5.  By monitoring your computer you will be able to identify a possible malware Especially if your computer is acting slow, crashes or displays repeated error messages Other signs might be new unwanted toolbars, new icons on your desktop or changes in your internet homepage
  6. 6.  Virus-protection programs on the computer can handle most of the usual malwares For more complicated malware it’s good to take your computer to a ”tech support” or a manufacturer You can also report malwares to the federal trade commission
  7. 7.  Computer viruses can be used as malware The computer virus is a small software that ”piggybacks on a program. There are different types of viruses: viruses, e- mail viruses, trojan horses and worms
  8. 8.  Viruses: Each time an infected program runs, the virus runs too, and it infects other programs while it’s conscious E-mail viruses: E-mail viruses travels as an attachment to a e-mail. It also replicates by sending itself to other e-mail addresses Trojan horses: Is a computer program. It’s usually disguised as another program(for ex. a game). It can erase your hard disk. Trojan horses doesn’t replicate automatically Worms: Worms are small pieces of software that uses security holes and computer networks to reduplicate. They are often very advanced and scans network for security holes
  9. 9.  -malware, 17.10.12 m, 17.10.12,17.10. 12