Webinar: Online Outreach Tactics


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HHS New Media Webinar Series

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Webinar: Online Outreach Tactics

  1. 1. Online Outreach Tactics• Assume Nothing• Reality Check• Tick Tock• Relationships <3• Creative Synthesis• Additional questions? These can include specific things you’re working on now and things we would suggest for them.
  2. 2. New Communications Methods
  3. 3. HHS + Social Media =
  4. 4. Secretary Sebelius takes questions fromWebMD and Medscape
  5. 5. Examples of online collaboration:iVillage, MTVact, AARP
  6. 6. Questions?Jaime Mulligan, Strategic Communications Director jaime.mulligan@hhs.govJulia Eisman, New Media Communications Director: julia.eisman@hhs.gov