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UH Maui College LRDP Workshop 1


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Workshop 1 presentation, April 13, 2018

Published in: Education
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UH Maui College LRDP Workshop 1

  2. 2. 2 • What is an LRDP and why is it being updated? • What will the LRDP cover? • LRDP process • Engagement & data gathering • Online survey results • Major Themes • Guiding Principles • Evaluation Criteria AGENDA • Initial Proposals » HEARING FROM YOU • Wrap Up / Next Steps
  3. 3. 3 WHAT IS AN LRDP? • A physical plan that embodies the goals and requirements of UHMC • Guides the UH BOR in its capital improvement responsibilities • Being updated to address foreseeable changes from 2006 LRDP
  4. 4. 4 WHAT TOPICS WILL LRDP COVER? Current and future facility needs Current and future facility needs SustainabilitySustainability Campus CharacterCampus Character Access/CirculationAccess/Circulation Interface w/ surrounding community Interface w/ surrounding community Near-term projectsNear-term projects
  6. 6. 6 LRDP ADVISORY COMMITTEE Name Affiliation / Position Paul Kailiponi Native Hawaiian Assessment Specialist Lawrence Martinson Automotive Instructor Whitney Hashimoto Communications Instructor Alex Holowicki History Instructor Shawna Martin Personnel Officer Mike Ferguson Chemistry Associate Professor Stephanie Hedani Counselor John Franks IT Webmaster Cassie Pacheco Social Science/Humanities Secretary Kate Phelps Maui Language Institute Coordinator Beverly Agdeppa Personnel Officer Chevy Valdez Upward Bound Office Manager Sam Barlahan Custodian Kekoa Quinabo General Laborer Maria "Kit" Zulueta Marketing Specialist Paula Alcoseba Student and Employee Bobbie Numata Student and Employee
  7. 7. 7 LRDP Kickoff (Feb. 14) • Administration • Advisory Committee • Campus-wide workshop • Faculty Senate & Student Activities Website Input On-Line Survey • Feb. 9 to Mar. 23 • 122 respondents ENGAGEMENT AND INFO GATHERING Interviews • Department Chairs (8) • Program Focus Groups (9 groups with a total of 32 participants) Academics, Agriculture/CTAHR, CTE/Workforce Devt, Facilities & Security, Hawai‘i Papa O Ke Ao, IT/DE/Outreach Centers, Student Affairs/Success/Services, Student Govt/Activities, Sustainability • On-campus Student Engagement session (Mar. 20) • County and Neighbors (MACC, QKC) • Peter Quigley, UHCC Associate VP for Academic Affairs • Ongoing follow up with various stakeholders
  10. 10. 10 MAJOR THEMES • Attractive and comfortable Gathering Places to improve the student experience, facilitate interaction among students and with faculty/staff, promote a feeling of community and belonging • Flexible, student-centered Classrooms and Modifiable Buildings that can be repurposed to adapt to changing higher education environments • Workforce Development Training facilities that address current technology and are adaptable to technological changes • Enhanced links and partnerships with Industry, Government, and Neighbors that position UHMC to progress as a vital asset in Maui Nui and beyond • Improved physical, digital, and social Access to UHMC • Revitalized Services and Amenities to increase enrollment and student persistence • Continued leadership in Sustainability training, research, and practices • Fulfillment of Hawai‘i Papa O Ke Ao in the UHMC context
  11. 11. 11 DRAFT GUIDING PRINCIPLES ACCESS Promote a welcoming and accessible campus that supports students in their pursuit of academic, career, and personal goals by removing physical, technological, and social barriers to student success RELEVANT TRAINING FOR MAUI’S WORKFORCE Provide facilities that (1) are adaptable to meet current and future workforce training needs; (2) foster innovation and create synergies among students, employers and community stakeholders; and (3) encourage members of Maui’s workforce to reach their individual potential 21st CENTURY LEARNING Create a variety of functional, attractive, and adaptable indoor and outdoor spaces that sustain student comfort, nurture student learning, and encourage student engagement while reinforcing campus culture and identity SUSTAINABILITY Integrate sustainability practices and processes into facility design, landscaping & maintenance to reinforce UHMC’s core value to mālama, enhance the quality of learning, and serve as a model for Maui Nui and Hawai‘i NATIVE HAWAIIAN LEARNING & CULTURE Provide spaces tailored to carry out the intent of Hawai‘i Papa O Ke Ao—spaces that build and sustain a community of Native Hawaiian learners as well as expand the understanding and practice of Native Hawaiian culture and values throughout the College
  12. 12. 12 EVALUATION CRITERIA • Program Requirements and Functional Relationships • Safety and Security • Access and Circulation • Aesthetics and Environmental Considerations • Infrastructure, Phasing, Cost Effectiveness • Compatibility with Surrounding Land Uses
  13. 13. 13 INITIAL PROPOSALS • Categories • CTE / Workforce Development • Academic & Support Services • Campus Appearance, Access & Circulation • Campus Life • Types of Improvements • New Construction • Renovation / Addition • Consolidation / Relocation
  14. 14. 14 CAREER & TECHNICAL EDUCATION / WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT CTE Redevelopment Options 1. Replace and consolidate into a CTE Super Center • Two-story building includes Auto Tech, Auto Body, Construction Tech, and Fashion Tech 2. Construct new Auto Tech/Body Center; Renovate existing facilities into Construction Tech Center 3. Renovate and expand existing facilities (not shown) • Construct second floor on existing facilities 11 22 22
  15. 15. 15 1. Relocate workforce development into expanded Ho‘okipa • Consolidate student support into Laulima 2. Construct consolidated workforce and student support services hub • One-stop shop for job placement, internship opportunities, counseling, legal aid, financial aid, and other services • Relocate other OCET functions into Ho‘okipa • Reuse Laulima for Admin • Reuse Kupa‘a for Academics Workforce Development and Community Hub CAREER & TECHNICAL EDUCATION / WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT 11 22
  16. 16. 16 ACADEMIC & SUPPORT SERVICES Consolidation and Expansion Opportunities 1. Construct consol. Admin & Student Svcs bldg 2. Renovate Kupa‘a Admin spaces for classrooms 3. Renovate Laulima for consol. Admin & Student Svcs 4. Renovate existing Hale buildings and create Pu‘uhonua 44 33 11 22
  17. 17. 17 ACADEMIC & SUPPORT SERVICES Consolidation and Expansion 1. Relocate TLC into the Library 2. Relocate Nursing into former TLC and consolidate with Allied Health 3. Redevelop and expand Hale for Pu‘uhonua 77 4. Construct Punana Leo and Head Start Pre-School Hub 5. Renovate Pre-School for Security 6. Consolidate CTAHR Coop Extension w/ Agric; reserve site for Student Hsg or Hospitality Academy 7. Replacement O&M w/ fleet vehicle parking 44 22 33 1133 55 66 66 77
  18. 18. 18 CAMPUS APPEARANCE, ACCESS & CIRCULATION Entrances and Circulation 1. Realign driveway and create formal entrance at Ka‘ahumanu Ave. 2. Extend vehicular circulation and add additional access point to Wahine Pi‘o Ave. 3. Realign driveway on east side 4. Provide charging station for electric bus and bus stops throughout campus 5. Enhance Wahine Pi‘o entry 22 11 33 44 55 55
  19. 19. 19 Library near Great Lawn After AfterHo‘okipa Courtyard CAMPUS LIFE Improvements 1. Create amphitheater in Great Lawn 2. Create outdoor gathering spaces 3. Improve pedestrian access 4. Create indoor gathering space
  20. 20. 19 Library near Great Lawn After AfterHo‘okipa Courtyard CAMPUS LIFE Improvements 1. Create amphitheater in Great Lawn 2. Create outdoor gathering spaces 3. Improve pedestrian access 4. Create indoor gathering space
  21. 21. 20 IT’S YOUR TURN! During the next 30 minutes, visit BREAKOUT STATIONS and share your thoughts on campus proposals in these categories: • CTE / Workforce Development • Academics & Support • Campus Appearance, Access & Circulation • Campus Life Tell us: • Your pros & cons on the individual proposals, their location, priority, proximity to other uses, etc. • If we missed something important for Student Success » Add your comments at the “Post-it” boards » Wrap-Up in 25 min » Visit to leave more comments
  22. 22. 21 NEXT STEPS • Additional comments? Go to: • Refine concepts and present to leadership and at future workshop Date TBD
  23. 23. 22 LRDP CONTACTS UH Maui College David Tamanaha, Vice Chancellor for Administrative Services (808) 984-3253 HHF Planners Tom Fee, Principal Gail Renard, Project Manager Tina Bushnell, Planner Jerilyn Hanohano, Planner Brent Wozniak, Planner Email: Website: (comments also accepted via website)