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Black Pot Beach Park Master Plan - Community Meeting 1


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PowerPoint from the first community meeting for the County of Kauai's Black Pot Beach Park Master Plan.

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Black Pot Beach Park Master Plan - Community Meeting 1

  1. 1. HANALEI, KAUA‘I County of Kaua‘i Department of Parks and Recreation COMMUNITY MEETING | NOVEMBER 17, 2015 BLACK POT BEACH PARK MASTER PLAN
  2. 2. MEETING OBJECTIVES  Explain the project scope and planning process  What is the purpose and goals of the master plan?  What is the planning area?  What is the process to prepare the master plan?  Share information about what we’ve done to-date  Who have we already talked to?  What do we think we know?  Make sure we’ve identified and understand the priority issues and concerns  Take in input about issues and concerns 2
  3. 3. PRESENTATION OVERVIEW 3 What is the purpose and goals for the master plan? What is the planning area? What is the process to prepare the master plan? What have we done so far? What have we learned?
  4. 4. PROJECTTEAM 4 County Council Department of Parks and Recreation Lenny Rapoza, William Trugillo, Nancy McMahon HHF Planners Scott Ezer, Rick Quinn, Corlyn Orr, Ronald Sato Johanna Ventura community support Esaki Consulting 1. topo. survey 2. shoreline survey 3. prelim. engineering Cultural Surveys Hawai‘i archaeological inventory survey
  5. 5. PROJECT CONTEXT 5  One of three county-owned beach parks on Hanalei Bay  Per the Kaua‘i Parks and Recreation Master Plan (2013)  Hanalei District has had relatively rapid population growth  Resident population increased 69% since 1990, from 4,631 residents in 1990 to 7,828 residents in 2010  3,007 households and 2,167 visitor units in 2010
  6. 6. PROJECT PURPOSE 6  Convene a public planning process to develop a long-term plan for the future expansion of Black Pot Beach Park  Chart a comprehensive framework that provides clear direction for park use and expansion over the next 20+ years  Identify priority improvements and program elements within the expanded park • A master plan is a guiding document, not regulatory • Describes existing conditions and trends • Documents community needs, values, long-term vision and future goals • Provides planning guidance and a long-term conceptual plan • Prioritizes actions for implementation • Educates and assists decision-makers to allocate funding and resources FUNCTIONS OF A MASTER PLAN
  7. 7. GOALS FORTHE MASTER PLAN 7 Existing 2.4-acre beach park  Improve management and protection of the resource  Ensure that investments for park expansion and new facilities are strategic and cost-effective  Improve the user experience and user safety  Resolve conflicts among the different recreational interests
  8. 8. KAUA‘I PARKS AND RECREATION MASTER PLAN (2013) 8 Mission Statement “Enhancing Kaua‘i’s special character and quality of life by caring for our parks and providing well-maintained facilities and diverse recreational opportunities for residents and visitors of all ages. Recommendations specific to Black Pot Beach Park While developing island-wide recreational resources, respect the wishes of residents to retain their way of life and the quality of the environment Expand the mauka boundaries of Black Pot Beach Park Upgrade comfort station and wastewater system Consider physical improvements or operational solutions to address parking demand Prepare a community-based master plan and management plan that addresses: park uses, the layout of activity areas, wastewater issues, vehicular circulation/parking, and park expansion ”
  11. 11. PLANNING PROCESS 11 • Obtain necessary project funding and permit approvals IMPLEMENTATION • Conceptual master plan documentation 5. DOCUMENT FINAL PLAN • Draft plan report and implementing strategy (phasing, cost schedule) 4. REFINE DRAFT PLAN • Identification of the preferred alternative 3. CONFIRM PREFERRED PLAN • Analysis of planning options 2.ANALYZE CONCEPTUAL PLAN ALTERNATIVES • Background research • Existing conditions inventory 1.EDUCATETHE PLANNERS Site visit / Interviews CAC meeting Focus group meetings Agency briefing COMMUNITY MEETING CAC meeting CAC meeting Council briefing Community meeting Council briefing April 2015 November 2015 February 2016 May 2016 August 2016
  12. 12. SUMMARY OF ISSUES AND CONCERNS • Resource is a community gathering place and recreational hub for residents • Current usage exceeds capacity of existing facilities • Hanalei Pier and other North Shore beaches are popular visitor attractions • Facility improvements and better management are needed to address increased park usage and to care for the resource How will the plan address the diverse park users?  Fishermen are frustrated with the condition ofWeke Ramp  Surfers have convenient beach access  Swimmers and families enjoy the beach  Kayakers, paddlers and boaters use the river  Canoe club does not have a long-term lease  DLNR manages boat mooring in the bay  DLNR and county agencies regulate commercial activities (boat tours, kayak rentals, surf schools, special events, tour buses, vendors)  Special events overwhelm the local community  Conflicts between commercial activities and local users 12
  13. 13. FOCUS GROUP PRIORITIES 13 • Boat ramp and trailer parking • Parking • Bathrooms • Designated loading/unloading areas • Picnic and camping areas Picnic and camping sites are in high demand Cars on the beach block accessWeke Ramp only usable to small vessels Toilets overflow frequently Passenger loading Urgent need for park maintenance
  14. 14. STATE AND COUNTY LAWS: DRIVING AND PARKING ONTHE BEACH Hawai‘iAdministrative Rules HAR 13.221  "Unencumbered public lands" mean any lands defined as public lands by section 171-2, HRS, and which have not been: (1) Set aside for any purpose, by statute, executive order or otherwise, to a governmental agency, or (2) Encumbered by lease, license, permit, easement or otherwise issued by the department.Unencumbered public lands include, but are not limited to, beach and coastal areas, submerged lands, and mountainous non-forest reserve, wildlife, or park areas (hereinafter called the "premises") HAR 13.221.26 (a)  No person shall drive a motor vehicle on the premises except for roads, trailers, or tracks designated or provided for vehicular use. HAR 13.221.26 (b)  No person shall park or leave unattended a motor vehicle which blocks or prohibits entry onto any road, trail, track or beach access on the premises. Kaua‘i County Ordinance Sec. 22-12. Use of MotorVehicles on Beaches.  Purpose is “to prevent persons from using beaches of the County of Kaua‘i as race tracks for motor vehicles…..This Article is not meant to prevent people from driving motor vehicles on beaches to transport people or supplies for picnicking, fishing, camping, or swimming…..”(Ord. 386, June 9, 1980) Sec. 22-12.3 Unlawful to Drive MotorVehicles on Beaches.  No person shall drive any motor vehicle upon any beach of theCounty of Kaua‘i, except to transport persons or supplies for picnicking, fishing, camping, or swimming. Driving a motor vehicle back and forth or racing on a beach shall be considered a prima facie violation of thisArticle. 14
  15. 15. INSTRUCTIONS FOR GROUP ACTIVITY 1. Decide as a group:  What is the preferred location for parking?  How many parking stalls?  How should the parking layout be arranged? 2. Designate a group reporter to share the group’s findings Reconvene at 8:00 pm NOTES:  Black dashed line shows the boundaries of the proposed park and expansion area  Typical parking stall dimension is 9’ x 18’  Be creative.The only rules are:  Work together  Respect different opinions  Give others space to speak 15
  16. 16. MAHALO HHF Planners 733 Bishop Street, Suite 2590 Honolulu, HI 96813