Habitat El Salvador 08 09 Annual Report


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Habitat El Salvador 08 09 Annual Report

  1. 1. 2008-2009 2008- ANNUAL REPORT PAGE 2: PAGE 3: PAGE 4: PAGE 5: 2008-2009 Model Blitz Builds & More Highlights & Year at a Glance Communities Family Profile Upcoming Events
  2. 2. 2008-2009 YEAR AT A GLANCE Letter from the Executive Director Dear amigos of Habitat El Salvador, ¡Saludos desde El Salvador! We are pleased to share with you our 2008-2009 Annual Report, in which we highlight our achievements from this past fiscal year. We have a saying in El Salvador that when the United States sneezes, then El Salvador gets the flu. Now that the U.S. (not to mention the whole world) is in the midst of a very serious economic crisis, you can imagine how severely our country is being affected. For example, from January to May 2009, a total of $1.44 billion was received, which reflects a 10% drop A partner family ready to move into their new home. in remittances from the same period in 2008. Furthermore, many Salvadorans have lost their jobs here in-country. As a result, low-income families were more hesitant about committing to a home loan. Nevertheless, we were still successful in pro- 2008-2009 Achievements viding more than 1,100 housing solutions, including complete houses and home rehabs. Families served: 1139 We were able to reach more families during this fiscal Houses: 534 year in part because of the opening of a new regional Home rehabs: 605 office in the department of San Miguel. This office now serves families in San Miguel, as well as the Mortgage nearby departments of La Unión and Morazán. We repayment rate: 84.11% (families) also continued to offer holistic housing solutions, with 98.87% (financially) the final construction and dedication of the Charlotte Model Community and the beginning of the Thrivent Builds Worldwide Villa Esperanza Community. Tithe: $17,827.00 sent to We have started this new fiscal year on a good note, Habitat Haiti to as we celebrated our 7,000th housing solution on support families July 1st. We would not have reached this milestone affected by without the support of so many Habitat affiliates, churches, foundations, businesses, and individuals. hurricanes. Thank you for donating your time and resources. Funds raised The estimated housing deficit of 400,000 units still internationally: More than $2.4 million looms large. Your ongoing support gives us hope that we will not only weather the current economic Funds raised crisis, but also serve even more Salvadoran families in the 2009-2010 fiscal year. locally: More than $290,000 Peace and hope, GV teams hosted: 69 Local volunteer Jorge Molina teams hosted: 82 Executive Director Habitat for Humanity El Salvador 2
  3. 3. MODEL COMMUNITIES Thrivent Builds Worldwide Villa Esperanza Community As announced in the mid-year report, Thrivent Financial for Lutherans has partnered with Habitat for Humanity El Salvador to build a community by the end of 2010. Thrivent Financial, a Minneapolis-based financial services membership organization, will invest up to $1.3 million in this project and will send a total of 60 volunteer teams to help with construction, alongside masons and national volunteers. The Villa Esperanza Community, translated in English to Hope Village, is already under construction on land adjoining that of the Charlotte Model This Thrivent team spent a Community (see article below). This holistic project will include the con- week building in June. struction of 75 houses, basic infrastructure—water, electricity, sanitation system, roads, and sidewalks—as well as a vocational training center. A total of $1.7 million will be invested in this project. Luis Fernando Díaz, a Habitat social worker, is helping the two communities to integrate, as eventually one board of directors will over- see them both, and Charlotte and Villa Esperanza residents will have access to all community facilities. As of the end of the fiscal year, six teams have helped build the first 16 HFHI CEO Jonathan Reckford homes. The community was also the site of the July 1st dedication of (right) with Thrivent CEO Brad Habitat El Salvador’s 7,000th housing solution (see page 5). Hewitt (left) and Family 7,000. Charlotte Model Community The Charlotte Model Community was designed to help landless, low-income families and is Habitat El Salvador's first holistic housing project of its kind. Located in the department of Santa Ana, the community provides housing, land, basic infrastruc- ture, a daycare, and a community center to 60 low-income families. We hope that Charlotte—named in honor of our friends and partners in Charlotte, NC—will be a model not only architecturally, but also in terms of human development. The Charlotte Model Community is an exciting example of community empowerment and leadership. Volunteers and masons finished construction of the last six houses by August 2008, and the community’s board of directors was sworn in by the local mayor in October during the official inauguration. Community members The board is already working on a wide variety of community at one of the general development projects, with support from the Habitat social worker. assembly meetings. One of their first priorities was to negotiate with the mayor’s office to install street lamps for their security and to commit to biweekly trash collection. They have since worked with various NGOs on pro- jects such as: obtaining eco-friendly stoves, creating a community arts and crafts market, and organizing community celebrations. The board continues to hold regular assemblies with all community members to discuss upcoming plans and projects. Habitat El Salvador would like to thank Habitat for Humanity of Charlotte for raising funds for land and infrastructure, as well as the Palmer Foundation for sponsoring the construction of the daycare, the community center, and the playground. We would also like to Charlotte resident Flor thank Price Charities and Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Bis- poses in the daycare. marck, ND for helping to equip the daycare. 3
  4. 4. BLITZ BUILDS & FAMILY PROFILE 2008-2009 Blitz Builds 2008- • Building on Faith 2008: Our first blitz build of the year was held in two different locations: San Rafael Obrajuelo in La Paz and the Brisas del Sur Model Community in San Vicente. With the support of 45 international and 99 local volunteers, we built a total of 14 houses! • Christmas in Action 2008: From December 1st-5th, 13 Canadian and 71 national volunteers helped the Méndez Trejo family (profiled below) to build five homes in Piedras Pachas, Sonsonate. • Rise Up and Build 2009: Held from April 6th-11th, 50 international volunteers were joined by 109 national volunteers to build seven homes in Santa María, Usulután. The Méndez Trejo Family heart, without expecting to gain anything in return. We remember them every day. May God bless them all.” The family used to live together in one house on a hacienda, where they worked. Now that they no longer depend on the hacienda, they have started to rent a small plot of land where they can plant various crops that, during a good season, provide basic sustenance for the entire family year-round. Vicente says that since moving into their new homes, their lives have changed for the better. He notes that they all feel happy and literally are living a dream come true—land and a house for each family unit. The five houses are occupied by Vicente and four of his grandchildren Vicente, Hilaria, and their family as follows: pose in front of one of the houses. • Vicente and Hilaria live with their 19-year-old The 2008 annual Christmas in Action blitz build son, Francisco Javier, and their 5-year-old was a very special event because volunteers and granddaughter, Estela Abigail. Francisco works masons helped the Méndez Trejo family build five at a repair and parts business. homes! The family is headed by Vicente and his • José Luis, 22 years old, works at the same wife of 45 years, Hilaria. In their mid-sixties, the business as Francisco. He married his wife couple now lives in their new Habitat home. The Keni in late December 2008. She is a teacher other houses are occupied by five of their 13 at a nearby kindergarten. children and their families. • Oscar Daniel is José Luis’ twin. He is studying In 2003, when Vicente and Hilaria first tried to for a university degree in accounting and also build the homes, they discovered that they must works in the same repair store as a traveling first pay off the mortgage on their land. The salesman. He shares the house with his 24- family spent the next three years paying it off and year-old brother Ricardo Eliseo, who works as the two years after that fighting a bureaucratic an administrative assistant and who is also battle to get clear title. Once they had legalized studying accounting. their land, they applied for the Habitat houses and • Felipe Francisco, 28, is a police officer, and his were accepted! Construction finally began in wife, Marisa, is a homemaker. They have a 6- November 2008! year-old son, Kevin, who is in the first grade. • Salvador Ernesto, 32, is the administrator at Vicente and Hilaria fondly remember the volun- the hacienda where the family used to live. He teers who helped build their homes. “We would lives with his wife Nancy and their three like to thank all of the volunteers because they children: Benjamín Ernesto, 10; Edwin, 9; and are all very special to us,” Vicente says. “It was Steven, 3. Benjamín and Edwin study in fifth a great example of people working from the and fourth grades, respectively. 4
  5. 5. MORE HIGHLIGHTS & UPCOMING EVENTS Other 2008-2009 Highlights: Starting the 2009-2010 Year: • Valle Nuevo: Twenty more houses were built • Family 7,000: On July 1st, we dedicated our in this rural community in Cabañas, as part of 7,000th housing solution in the Villa Esperanza a multi-year differentiated subsidized housing Community, in the presence of 400 national project sponsored by Shalom Mission and international supporters and partner Communities and Waco Habitat for Humanity. families. Celebrating this milestone with us was the Executive Steering Committee of the • Brisas del Sur: This model community was Thrivent Builds with Habitat for Humanity expanded this year during the Building on Alliance, including HFHI CEO Jonathan Reckford Faith blitz build, when seven houses were and Thrivent Financial for Lutherans COO Brad built. Ten more are under construction using Hewitt (see photo on page 3), as well as area an alternative metallic mold system, sponsored vice president for HFH LAC, Torre Nelson. in part by the SNV Netherlands Development Organisation, CEDES (Salvadoran Business Keep in Touch: Council for Sustainable Development), and • Befriend us on Facebook! CESSA (Cement of El Salvador). In addition to connecting with fellow • 2008 Benefit Dinner: We announced our Habitat El Salvador supporters, you will Solidarity Award winners (profiled in our mid- receive monthly updates. Join us at: year report) and raised more than $12,000 Habitat for Humanity—GV El during this year’s event, held on October 23rd. Salvador. • San Miguel Regional Office: On March 5th, • Follow our blog! we inaugurated our new regional office in the Leave us a comment, become a department of San Miguel. follower, and check out photos at http://habitates.blogspot.com/. One of the 30 houses New houses in Brisas del Sur The inauguration of the built in Valle Nuevo. using the mold technology. San Miguel Regional Office. Mark your calendars! • Aug. 3-8, 2009 Building on Faith Blitz Build Habitat for Humanity El Salvador Colonia General Arce • Nov. 30-Dec. 5, 2009 Calle Jorge Domínguez # H-4 Christmas in Action Blitz Build San Salvador, El Salvador KStewart@habitatelsalvador.org.sv 5