Year One Results (September 2011)


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Year One Results (September 2011)

  1. 1. + 1 Crozer-Keystone Healthy Start and HELP: MLP– Partners in Advocacy 2010-11 Year End Report to CKHS Staff September 27, 2011
  2. 2. + Health, Education and Legal Assistance Project: A Medical-Legal Partnership (HELP: MLP)  Collaboration between Crozer-Keystone Healthy Start and Widener University School of Law in Chester, Pennsylvania  One of three national Healthy Start project demonstration grantees (HRSA’s MCH Bureau)  Served over 100 participants and 150 individuals  Provided more than 24 hours of formal training to CKHS staff 2
  3. 3. 3 MLP Connection to Health  Improved physical environment  Increased access to health care  Increased access to basic necessities  Decreased stress
  4. 4. + Project Goals  Overall  Project Goal: Eliminate disparities in perinatal health Aims:  Identify the unmet legal needs of program participants.  Train Healthy Start staff to identify and address unmet legal needs of program participants.  Provide direct legal services to participants to improve overall health and well-being.  Educate multi-disciplinary students of the value of public service and the ways in which legal advocacy can help vulnerable populations.  Continuously evaluate our efforts to ensure quality improvement. 4
  5. 5. + Referral Process  Healthy Start case managers and staff receive trainings about potential legal issues of participants  Healthy Start case managers use an integrated legal needs screening tool to identify unmet legal needs of participants  When an unmet legal need is identified the participant is referred to HELP: MLP staff attorneys  Attorney contacts the participant within 24 hours to begin addressing the problem  Evaluation staff contact participant for follow up interview after obtaining informed consent 5 Legal need identified by case manager. Participant referred to staff attorney. Refetorney Staff attorney contacts participant within 24 hours. Legal needs are addressed. With participant’s consent feedback given to case manager.
  6. 6. + 6 Evaluation Methods  Partnered with Public Health Experts to collect qualitative and quantitative data with Healthy Start staff and program participants  Program   Collected data through telephone interviews 3-4 weeks after cases closed and review of case notes Measured satisfaction, stress, and health  Healthy   Participants: Start Staff: Conducted pre and post tests during trainings and follow up interviews at end of grant period Measured: satisfaction, knowledge and beliefs
  7. 7. +HELP: MLP Results (Sept. 2010- May 2011)  Handled 54 legal issues benefiting over 150 program participants and family members  Provided 45 case consultations with Healthy Start staff  Conducted 14 trainings on a variety of legal issues to HS staff and Community Partners  Produced  Trained 13 brochures on a variety of legal issues 14 students from multiple disciplines (law, public health, psychology, nursing, and social work) 7
  8. 8. + HELP: MLP Trainings in Year One  MLP staff provided more than 24 hours of training and technical assistance for Healthy Start staff  Trainings help increase knowledge and understanding of the law, processes, procedures, rules, entitlements and systems negotiation  Training topics:  I-HELP model  Guardianship, abuse and neglect  Public benefits  Domestic violence  SSI/SSD  Brochures:  Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)/General Assistance  Medicaid/State Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP)  Medicaid/Family Planning  Head Start/Early Intervention 8
  9. 9. + 9 Brochures/Fact Sheets for CKHS Program Participants  HELP: MLP/Healthy Start Overview brochure  Public benefit programs in Pennsylvania bochure.  Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) brochure  General Assistance brochure  FAQ Sheet on Low Income Housing Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
  10. 10. + 10 Brochures/Fact Sheets for CKHS Staff  TANF and General Assistance brochure  Medicaid/SCHIP brochure  Medicaid/Family Planning brochure  Head Start/Early Intervention brochure  Identifying clients who May be Eligible for SSI fact sheet  Assisting Children with Special Education Needs fact sheet  Basic Personal and Family Stability Issues fact sheet.  Legal Emancipation of Minors and Teen Parents and Public Benefits fact sheet.
  11. 11. Legal Needs Addressed  54 legal cases have been resolved by HELP: MLP at CKHS  Legal          issues include: Tenant rights Public housing Medicaid appeals Domestic violence Public utilities Custody and guardianship Utility shut offs Medical consent issues Special Education 11
  12. 12. + Impact on Healthy Start Case Managers and Staff  Training Outcomes:  Increased professional knowledge and capacity to advocate for participants  Majority of staff rated trainings as “excellent”  Other Benefits to Staff:  Reported reduction in stress  More time to devote to other cases  Effectuating policy and practice changes in bureaucracies that were once barriers to care 12
  13. 13. + 13 Impact on Program Participants  At the time data was collected 23 participants had closed cases  Of those 23, 8 participated in a follow-up interview (34.7% response rate)  Data was collected measuring satisfaction, stress, health, and selfefficacy  All respondents were satisfied with the clinic including length of time to see the attorney and level of communication
  14. 14. + 14 Effect on Sleep
  15. 15. + Quotes  “The Case Managers are very skilled and resourceful but MLP has taken them to a different level. Where they were awesome beforethey are superhuman now” ~ Project Administrator  “I didn’t know what would happen before I met with the attorney. Now I know I always have a place to be” ~ Program Participant  “The lawyer made it faster and easier to get the necessary help.” ~Program Participant  “Having an organization within our office whose sole purpose was to fight for people, who ordinarily wouldn’t have a voice was priceless.” ~ HS Case Manager 15
  16. 16. + 16 Challenges  Shortened grant period (9 months opposed to 12)  Obtaining IRB approval from 3 institutions  Small  Loss sample size to follow-up
  17. 17. + 17 Year Two- June 2011- May 2012  Trainings: Future Topics  Brochures/Fact  Case  Use Sheets Referrals and Case Handling of students  Other feedback