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Humboldt Sate University Presentation (2014)



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Humboldt State University Presentation at the 2014 Hydrogen Student Design Contest

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Humboldt Sate University Presentation (2014)

  1. 1. HYDROGEN STUDENT DESIGN CONTEST 2014 Design Proposal for a Mobile Hydrogen Fueling Station Team Leader Luke Halonen Faculty Advisor Douglas Saucedo Team Members Akira Brathwaite Kevin Brenes-Melgar Solomon Clark Matthew Collins Andy Eggink Grant Goddard Lori Jones Mathew Nyberg Julian Quick Arrow Walker Humboldt Hydrogen Solutions
  2. 2. The Ideal Gas Station utilizes existing off-the-shelf components, making the station buildable today. The key features of the design include: • Hydrogen obtained from existing suppliers • 200 bar tube trailer delivery • Dynamic cascade storage system minimizes compression • On-demand cascade pre-cooling system • Fast fill SAE TIR J2601 compliant dispensers • 700 bar dispensing pressure doubles vehicle range • Integrated pressure and leak-detection management • Automated hydrogen ordering • Remote maintenance and data collection Tube Trailer (200 bar) Low Pressure Compressor (Min = 20 bar) Cascade Storage System in Isolated Cooling Box (450 bar, 650 bar, & 900 bar) Buffer Tank (103 bar) If tube trailer pressure is greater than 103 bar High Pressure Compressor (Min = 103 bar) Tube Trailer (200 bar) Initial Compression Cascade Storage System in Isolated Cooling Box (450 bar, 650 bar, & 900 bar) Stage 1 Cooling Evaporator -10 °C Booster Compression Stage 2 Cooling Heat Exchanger -40 °C Buffer Tank (103 bar) Hydrogen Fuelled Vehicle (700 bar) Dispenser Process Flow Diagram The key components of the design are illustrated in the Process Flow Diagram: Humboldt State University Ideal Gas Station Hydrogen Education Foundation 2014 Student Design Contest