We provide ... “friendly energy”                           supplement your level of micro power with intake fromMeeting th...
Hydrolink yous strategic_partner_ahead
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Hydrolink yous strategic_partner_ahead


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--Hydro Turbines---with O&M Services

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Hydrolink yous strategic_partner_ahead

  1. 1. We provide ... “friendly energy” supplement your level of micro power with intake fromMeeting the The Method help from a single source: by means of rushing water in the power grid rural communities and flood affected regions in PakistanNeeds/Demand of Aimed to provide full fledge services in micro hydel development- starts from community mobilization, awareness, – in close cooperation with partner organizations. Some of the benefits what we provide:-Backward Communities survey and data collection, feasibility, identification, designing, manufacturing, supply, installation, testing, distribution, training, Some of The Benefits what we provide:- lasts for 30-35 years-that is the main advantage of micro hydel- Efficient energy source“Serving the backward communities of Pakistan with thecoordination of local & International NGOs-The idea is work as HYDROLINK It only takes a small amount of flow (as little as two gallons per minute) or a drop as low as two feet toa strategic partner with all stakeholders in the sector- where generate electricity with micro hydro. Electricity canstill maximum efforts are needed to carry- be delivered as far as a mile away to the locationThe Idea We are ... where it is being used.Improve living standard, eradicate poverty, provision of The pioneer and professional organization playing a vital & Reliable electricity sourceenvironmental friendly energy- to increase the craftsmanship, leading role in micro/mini hydel developmentenhancement of maximum exposure and awareness amongst Hydro produces a continuous supply of electricalPakistani communities for efficient utilization of God gifted We aim to ... energy in comparison to other small-scalenatural resources- Help backward communities, local non-profit organizations, renewable technologies. The peak energy season is during the winter months when large quantities international non-profit organizations in improving their life of electricity are required. standards and fulfilling their basic needs of electricity. No reservoir required Microhydro is considered to function as a ‘run-of- river’ system, meaning that the water passing through the generator is directed back into the stream with relatively little impact on the surrounding ecology. Key Players & Our Supporter Cost effective energy solution Building a small-scale hydro-power system cost, depending on site electricity requirements andThe Principle (uses rushing water as source only) location. Maintenance fees are relatively small inIn collaboration with the local communities and partner comparison to other technologies.organizations, Hydrolink opens up new prospects for the Power for developing countriespeople. On the basis of helping them to help themselves, thepeople in the backward & terrain communities are enabled to Because of the low-cost versatility and longevity oflead a life of dignity and justice, freed from hunger and micro hydro, developing countries can manufacturepoverty, became self sufficient in the polluted free electricity and implement the technology to help supply muchproduction- Micro hydel principle is simple, reliable and needed electricity to small communities and villages.efficient way to live standard living focused on backward & Integrate with the local power gridterrain areas in KPK, Gilgit-Baltistan, where still much efforts If your site produces a large amount of excessare needed- energy, some power companies will buy back your electricity overflow. You also have the ability to