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Hydrolink ppt


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"Hydrolink" sharing Green Energy- Developing micro and mini hydro power plants for rural communities

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Hydrolink ppt

  1. 1. An ISO 9001-2008 (QMS) Certified Company “Serving from Water to Watts” FROM MOUNTAINS TO MARKET
  2. 2. Centre of Renewable & Alternate Technologies in 2012 Became Bridge Between Academia & Industry In 2011 Became Private Limited Company as Hydro Link Engineering & Equipment company 2010 Establishment: Initiated Production of Renewable Energy Technologies through establishment of Hydrolink Engineering Services in 2008 after visitEmergence: First evolved after exposurevisit organized by ICIMOD underProgram in 2007 Under DESER I
  3. 3.  To tape Potential Of Natural Resources To provide sustainable products & services for Rural special focus on Mountain areas communities To bring & improve Hydro Power Technology To build public awareness on the utilization of natural resources as a source of renewable & alternative energy- To bring Innovation in Alternate Energy Technologies To create and Awareness among mountain people for Renewable energy & Energy efficiency
  4. 4. S# Name Designation Qualification Experience1 Fazli Rabbi C.E.O B.Sc Elect 11 years2 Rahim Diyar M.D B.Sc Eco, MBA, 4 years CA-Inter3 Fazli Khaliq Director Technical Expert 25 years4 Irfan Khan Design & B.Sc Mech 3- years Production5 Hayat Baig Consultant B.Sc Mech 20 years6 Aurangzeb Admin & M.Sc SCM 2 years Procurement7 Naeem Ullah Business MBA Marketing 2 years Development8 Irshad Ahmed Finance MBA Finance 2 years9 Technical Production Team of Production Team DAEs Mechanical 2- 15 years of 20 People experience
  5. 5. Microhydle Solar Tech Improved Product Cross flow Turbines  Solar lights  Improved stoves 3KW to 300KW  Solar Geyser  Briquette Making Pelton Wheel Turbine  Solar war Machines 5KW to 300KW  Tp 100-D Turbines from 200Watts to 2KW Kaplan Turbine will ranged from 10 KW to 300KW
  6. 6. •Field Data Collection •Turbine•Civil works Manufacturing of•Mechanical Works Turbines•Electrical Work •Renewable Technologies •Solar systems Designing Manufacturing Testing Installation•Efficiency test of •MHPs Installation MHPs •Solar Equipments•Solar lights and wind •Biogas Plants Intensity
  7. 7. AKRSP : Worked as a producers of Renewable Energy Products under DESER project CESVI German Agro Action: Installation of 15 Micro hydle and bio digester plants Local Support German Agro Organization Action CRS : Installation of 8 Micro hydles project in the area of BishamAga Khan CESVI: Installation of 20Mircrohydles in the Kashmir Catholic Rural Support Hydrolink Relief and Bisham ServicesProgram GIK: Developing linkage of Academy and Industry for turbine designing and solar and wind Energy y Ghulam Ishaq World Wide Institute of TMO : Feasibility study of 4 MHPS and solar Fund for Science and installation Nature Technologies Tehsil Municipal Administrati WWF :Installation of 18 MHPs (Ranging 5kw to 50kw) on
  8. 8. Lead Pakistan Energy MarketInitiated Production of RETs with Mountain Brandin Chitral for the first time Establishment of TrainingT-15 Turbine Licensing from Centre 2011entec Switzerland Collaboration with GIK andManufacturing and supply of university of Gujarat in CapacityMore than 120 units building of Young Engrs Joint Venture Agreement forTrust on Professionalism of mini and small MHPsClient Joint Venture Agreement forRETs Distribution mini and small MHPs
  9. 9. Mircrohydles RETs Installed 20- Micro Hydro  Provided solar lights Power Plants in Shangla Bisham for CESVI Pakistan (Testing & Commissioning)-  Supplied Improved stoves to communities 8 Micro Hydro Power Plants for CRS Pakistan- (Testing)  Trained communities on 9-Mhps for GAA- (Installation) briquette making Feasibilities of 400KW & 200KW Kaplan Turbine for Abazai Canal Dargai (Nashat  Demonstrated solar geysers Group of Industries- in Chitral  Installed Bio digester Plants Design & Fabrication of 6- Units for Local communities (Private Clients) of Chitral
  10. 10. Launching Center of Renewable and Alternate Technologies Research DevelopmentResearch linkage with different Ensure sustainable and AffordableUniversities for development of supply of RETsRETsResearch facilities for graduates in Technology Transfer fromRETs International ManufacturesTrial and Introduction of New RETs Develop Manufacturing facilities upin Mountains areas to 1 MW