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Broucher 1


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Broucher 1

  1. 1. Address:Plot No 60-B, Small Industrial Estate Bhater Road, Near Bahter Motorway Interchange Taxila Pakistan. Phone: +92-51-2511123 +92-51-4307719 Email: Website:
  2. 2. Introduction;Hydrolink Engineering Equipment Company (HEECO) is a Private limitedCompany, established in 2008, by a team of professional engineers with their vastexperience of installing more than 500 mini, micro and medium hydro turbinesincluding crossflow, Pelton and Kaplan. Our team is expert in designing,manufacturing and installation of mini, micro and medium hydro turbines and iscommitted to work on the next generation energy solution. An excellent combinationof mechanical, civil and electrical team with a broad vision provides HEECO withthe strength to carry on a diverse range of manufacturing. With the successfulexperience in backward difficult terrains of Northern Pakistan, the team is nowconfident to move forward for opportunities in other parts of Pakistan.Our Vision & Mission;To bring, improve and implement a sustainable MHP technology to develop theenergy sector of Pakistan, and to play a leading role in the energy market by providingreliable and efficient product line for mini, micro and medium hydropower.To be a market leader in the energy market, and to give complete local manufacturingproduct line to our clients along with after installation services.Hydro Power, a nation’s distinctive competitiveness;The operation of hydel project (small hydropower) is very simple, it only use therushing water from a certain height through m.s pipe and hits the blades of the runner(turbine) and convert the mechanical energy into electrical energy with the help ofalternator and is free of any pollution and eco-friendly. However the output varieswith water and head, and the design for turbine selection varies respectively.Type of Turbines and Selection; 1. Crossflow Turbine: • Generally feasible for medium head and medium discharge, e.g. you can select Crossflow turbine if the head is “3m to 250m “, and the output, electricity production varies with discharge. 2. Pelton Wheels: • Pelton Wheel is another type of turbine usually feasible for gross head above 150m, however the output varies with discharge and head. 3. Kaplan Turbines: • Kaplan another type of turbine feasible for 0m to 25 m, and the output varies with discharge and head. Usually the Kaplan turbines are used when the head is very low and the discharge is very high.
  3. 3. Products:-Hydrolink offers durable, reliable and sustainable products for its clients for theimplementation of Small Hydropower,Our Manufacturing offerings are: • Crossflow Turbines (5kW to 300KW) • Pelton Wheel Turbine (5kW to 300KW) • Kaplan Turbines • M.S Pipes with different diameters • Bends • Bell Mouth • Reducers • Hydraulic Gates • M.S Flanges • Panel BoardsServices Offered:- • Feasibility • Site selection • Survey • Consultancy • Turbine Selection • Data Collection • Installation • Electrical Transmission • Repair and Value Added servicesOur Supply Network:Besides manufacturing and services, for the ease of our clients and for better in-timeimplementation and procurement of all the product line, we offer a valuable supplynetwork with en experienced team, who make the delivery possible in the given time,our supply network includes:- • Transformers • Conductors • Poles • Insulators • D-Shackles • Power Cables in all range • Nut & Bolts, rubber packing
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