Social Media: Finding the right platform for you


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A starters guide on how to use certain social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Vine. The presentation is a simple guide on the main points of certain social media sites and is great for anyone any age who is perhaps a little confused about the mass of different sites and apps out there and what they all do.

I gave this presentation at Sherwood W.I's June meeting and later answered questions about all things digital.

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Social Media: Finding the right platform for you

  1. 1. Social Media- Finding the best platforms for you.
  2. 2. What is social media? “Social media is a way to communicate via the internet. It’s about starting a conversation online- either in a written form, a visual for or an audio form”.
  3. 3. Social media is also a place to share lots of cat pictures!
  4. 4. Twitter • 140 characters • Follow friends, businesses and celebrities • Communicate with a person by putting an @ before their Twitter username (e.g: @hollieanneb) • Great for finding new friends, local information, following your favourite brands
  5. 5. Facebook • Best for keeping in touch with friends and family • Updating your status • Join groups (such as the Sherwood W.I group!) • “Like” businesses, TV shows, celebrities, hobbies- share your interests with your friends. • Get snapping- upload your photographs and share the joy.
  6. 6. Instagram • A free app for iPhone, iPad and Android phone • Allows you to add cool filters to your pictures • Share, search hashtags, like and comment • Follow friends, find people into your interests, use as a visual diary
  7. 7. Pinterest • Use as a giant moodboard! • Have as many boards as you please- cats, cake, craft and crochet • See an image you like somewhere online? Click the Pinterest button to add to your board • See an image you like on someone else’s board? Click the Re-Pin button • Perfect for finding craft ideas, recipes, tips and inspiration
  8. 8. Tumblr • Allows you to create your own blog • Simple, easy to use and easy to follow other Tumblr blogs • Add words, pictures, video, audio etc... • LOTS of other blogs on Tumblr to cover every need- from cats eating cakes to blogs celebrating vegan brownies
  9. 9. LinkedIn • The social media site for professionals • Create a profile, add your CV, add your skills • Connect to colleagues past and present and ask them to endorse you as a professional • Great for searching for jobs
  10. 10. Youtube • Broadcast yourself! • Perfect for searching for and watching tutorials • Search for music videos, TV clips, funny videos of animals etc • Store all your favourite videos in a playlist and share videos you love on Twitter and Facebook
  11. 11. Vine • Free app available for iPhone and Anroid • “Create a scene in six seconds” • Share your video on Twitter • Add hashtags so people can find and like your video
  12. 12. Don’t get overwhelmed • Use as many or as little social media sites as you like- you don’t have to bother with them if it’s not your thing! • Enjoy it, be creative, have fun! • Fancy a chat with me on Twitter? Tweet @hollieanneb