Planning for teaching creative methods - Joanne Hill


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Presentation at HEA-funded workshop 'Supporting undergraduate and Level 7 student teachers to develop meaningful qualitative research projects'.

Presenters proposed a range of theoretical lenses and stimuli through which delegates may guide undergraduate and Level 7 students to develop small-scale qualitative research projects. Delegates engaged in group discussions and activities to explore issues and share ideas about how to support students to become confident, competent researchers.

This presentation is part of a related blog post that provides an overview of the event:

For further details of the HEA's work on teaching research methods in the Social Sciences, please see:

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Planning for teaching creative methods - Joanne Hill

  1. 1. Planning for teaching creative methods
  2. 2. Creative methods: (innovative), participatory But teaching for creative methods…?
  3. 3. What methods do you use in your own work that are creative or non- typical? Do you as a group have any concerns around teaching to support critical methods skills and understanding?
  4. 4. Create an idea for a class that addresses this issue Consider activities & learning objectives Use the plans provided or the walls!
  5. 5. Group debrief Comments?