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Marketing plan & ad comercial

  1. 1. Welcome to the PresentationWelcome to the Presentation
  2. 2. Marketing plan of Style M@rtMarketing plan of Style M@rt It’s the Time of Fashion……It’s the Time of Fashion……
  3. 3. Product BackgroundProduct Background For us fashion, luxury & style have alwaysFor us fashion, luxury & style have always been core aspects of its own that goesbeen core aspects of its own that goes beyond production of handbags. Carefulbeyond production of handbags. Careful observation & interest in the world, societyobservation & interest in the world, society and culture are at the core of our creativity &and culture are at the core of our creativity & modernity. This has pushed us beyond themodernity. This has pushed us beyond the limitations of showrooms, leading us tolimitations of showrooms, leading us to interact with diverse, seemingly distant worldsinteract with diverse, seemingly distant worlds & introducing very naturally a new way of& introducing very naturally a new way of creating fashion.creating fashion.
  4. 4. Continue….. We can offer aWe can offer a collection ofcollection of handbagshandbags,, at the best prices oneat the best prices one will ever find. Comparewill ever find. Compare prices and read ourprices and read our handbags reviewshandbags reviews before buy. Take yourbefore buy. Take your time to look through ourtime to look through our catalogue and find thecatalogue and find the best price on ourbest price on our handbags!handbags! SO BAG IT UP….SO BAG IT UP….
  5. 5. Our Vision • To be the TopTo be the Top Performing and MostPerforming and Most Admired HandbagAdmired Handbag company in Bangladeshcompany in Bangladesh although in internationalalthough in international market near near future. • We want to built moreWe want to built more superior customer valuesuperior customer value by deliver on ourby deliver on our promises & contribute topromises & contribute to sustainablesustainable development.development.
  6. 6. Our MissionOur Mission • Manufacturing and supplying handbags that satisfy the needs of our customers. • Constantly achieving operational excellence. • Conducting our business in a safe, environmentally sustainable and economically optimum manner. • Employing a diverse, innovative and results- oriented team motivated to deliver excellence.
  7. 7. Our GoalsOur Goals • Meet our customer requirements. • Deliver structural cost reductions. • Deliver continuous sustainable stylish & fashionable excellence.
  8. 8. Our ObjectivesOur Objectives • Realise the potential of our people • Benefit our shareholders • Sustain a robust management system
  9. 9. BRAND ANALYSISBRAND ANALYSIS Our brand mantra is: • Emotional: stylish, fashionable • Descriptive: contemporary classic, elegant • Brand function: self-expression
  10. 10. ContinueContinue…. To provide quality full product it has to be precise meaning its own. Via proper strategies & providing people superior value can improve the lives of our country’s consumers, now & for generation to come. For this purpose our particular handbag brand utilizes & evaluated through the following market process. 1) MARKET SEGMENTATION 2) MARKET NICHER STRATEGY 3) MANAGING BRAND EQUITY
  11. 11. POSITIONING & TARGET MARKETPOSITIONING & TARGET MARKET Target • Culture creative, intellectualists, innovators. • Affluent customers willing to spend more than most. The customer influence raising & taking a strong position in current fluctuating market can be possible by the following procedures: Initial collection,Initial collection, Creative vision & passionateCreative vision & passionate exploration, Classic & elegant collections,exploration, Classic & elegant collections, Modern innovationModern innovation, New material, Usage of art.New material, Usage of art.
  12. 12. STYLE M@RT’SSTYLE M@RT’S COMMERCIALCOMMERCIALIn this area we are introducing anIn this area we are introducing an advertisement regarding our product. We try toadvertisement regarding our product. We try to maintain about all the rules and principlesmaintain about all the rules and principles of making the commercial.of making the commercial.
  13. 13. All copyrights are reserved by Style M@rt
  14. 14. COMPETITORS ANALYSISCOMPETITORS ANALYSIS StyleStyle M@rtM@rt GucciGucci (Bangladesh(Bangladesh )) FortunaFortuna Shoes &Shoes & Bag LtdBag Ltd YellowYellow ValueValue PropositionProposition Innovation,Innovation, elegance,elegance, stylestyle Cutting edge,Cutting edge, contemporarycontemporary SuperiorSuperior quality,quality, classicalclassical Fashionable productFashionable product range,range, AudienceAudience IntellectualIntellectual & creative& creative fashionersfashioners Modern-urbanModern-urban fashion awarefashion aware peoplepeople Self-made,Self-made, successfulsuccessful peoplepeople Smart, authenticSmart, authentic individualsindividuals Range ofRange of authorityauthority Leather,Leather, cloth, top-cloth, top- qualityquality other rawother raw materialsmaterials forfor handbagshandbags Leather goodsLeather goods & other wears.& other wears. Bags, wallet,Bags, wallet, footwear, foodfootwear, food chainchain Leather goods,Leather goods, clothing, beautyclothing, beauty jewelleryjewellery RelationshipRelationship SelfSelf expressionexpression superiorsuperior Confident,Confident, stylishstylish AchievementAchievement careercareer successsuccess InnovationInnovation
  16. 16. StrengthsStrengths • Loyal audience • Brands satisfaction • Successful alliances with other companies • Recognizable resources & quality full raw-materials
  17. 17. WeaknessWeakness • Private company- difficulty in acquiring funding • Limited market
  18. 18. OpportunityOpportunity • National market growth as well as it can be possible globally in near future • Outsourcing production; • Franchises • Digital market • Capture the younger generation consumers
  19. 19. ThreatsThreats • Falsification • Existing competitors & rising fashionable catwalk copycats • Country’s economical crisis • Transparency of internet lead to price consistency
  20. 20. HOW TO MARKET HANDBAGHOW TO MARKET HANDBAG BUSINESSBUSINESS ?? • Marketing a business that sells handbags takes time, effort and some careful consideration. For these aspects we take some steps to choosing such media. As well as we keep in our mind not have to be a marketing guru to draw customers to our business. Just follow these tips for how we can market our handbag business.
  21. 21. MARKETING STRATEGYMARKETING STRATEGY Style M@rt, want to be one of the premium brands of Bangladesh with its defensive strategy in the chain value to capture the value added instead of giving it to the middlemen such as suppliers and Retailers. We changed our strategy of carrying a single brand in a multiple way. This strategy is also adopted by other international conglomerates such as Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Prada.
  22. 22. PRICING STRATEGY ofPRICING STRATEGY of STYLESTYLE M@RTM@RTHandbag Types (Low range but with stylish look) (Moderate range with satisfying , elegant & fashionable quality) (High price range with designer, ethnic touch) Colours ( further colours innovation are on the processing way) Long & medium sizes handbag Tk. 500-tk. 850 Tk.900- tk. 1950 Tk.2000 up to 4500 Red, white, blue, black, chocolate, silver. Clutches Or, Purses Tk. 350- tk. 650 Tk.700-tk. 1550 Tk. 1600 up to tk. 3500 Al colours are discussed earlier is also available for clutches as well as multicolour. Wallet Tk. 280- tk. 450 Tk. 500- tk.1200 Tk. 1250 up to tk. 2900 Black, coffee, chocolate, white.
  23. 23. PROFIT HUNTINGPROFIT HUNTING • We believe our brand is targeted at adult, young women even over 30. We also own quality full raw items which are insignificant so ignored here. • Style M@rt is more fast- moving than others: we are more design or fashion driven.  As we were initially a handbag brand, we have the chances to arrange collections and fashion shows every year.  As much as 70 percent of its products are renewed every year.
  24. 24. Continue…Continue… • We also hold 'flash sales' of limited edition items available one-time only and constantly add new collections (e.g.: Valentines Day, Christmas Day, Holly Eids, Durga puja, Newyear, Pahela Baishak etc). • We have a larger variety of bags with different shapes/colours, compared to Signature, Yellow, Arong, Rong or Gucci.
  25. 25. MARKETING CHENNELMARKETING CHENNEL • Internet • Print • Networking • Community involvement • Storefronts • Purse parties
  26. 26. DIGITAL PRECENCEDIGITAL PRECENCE Attract audience. Create a desire! Increase awareness & work for long term sales. • Telling the storyTelling the story • Communicating theCommunicating the creative ideascreative ideas • Convey consumerConvey consumer exclusivityexclusivity • Bring up younger luxuryBring up younger luxury consumersconsumers
  27. 27. Continue…Continue… Through • Connection between offline & online • Using the mobile channel Making of purchase process easy! IncreaseMaking of purchase process easy! Increase salessales right now.right now. • Development of e-stores (web, mobile app), focus onDevelopment of e-stores (web, mobile app), focus on the well developed & developing markets (Europe,the well developed & developing markets (Europe, UK, China, Japan)UK, China, Japan) • Offer incomparable exclusive services.Offer incomparable exclusive services. And Style M@rt becomes available to anyoneAnd Style M@rt becomes available to anyone around the nation!around the nation!
  28. 28. CONCLUSION our agenda is -our agenda is - ““Creativity is essential: this is the essence of ourCreativity is essential: this is the essence of our business, our main asset. But, and this is wherebusiness, our main asset. But, and this is where business comes in,business comes in, fashionfashion is not an art--it is creationis not an art--it is creation applied to accessories which must be successfullyapplied to accessories which must be successfully sold.”sold.”
  29. 29. The End……….