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Rob Kleier - "Driving the Customer Experience"


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Powerpoint slide deck from Rob Kleier's presentation to HDIOC on March 9, 2011.

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Rob Kleier - "Driving the Customer Experience"

  1. 1. Rob Kleier Director, Solutions Development CustomerQuality Environment
  2. 2. 360◦ View
  3. 3. Customer Quality Environment
  4. 4. How are we going to get there?• Strategic principles to consider in creating a quality customer experience• Implementation Framework of a “Customer Quality Environment”: – Directs the guiding principles of customer satisfaction – Ensures the customer has a voice – Develops alignment throughout the organization
  5. 5. Strategic Principles• Develop Driving Principles: – Client involvement – Employ a “Fix it Once and Forever” mentality – “NILL” - ensure Nothing Is Left to Linger – Make data transparent internally and externally
  6. 6. Strategic Principles• Develop Driving Principles: – Communicate with clients succinctly and often – Proactive detection and resolution of issues – “EE” - Escalation Empowerment Preemptive Strike - commonly refers to an attack made upon an enemy as a precautionary response to an anticipated or impending war. - Wikipedia
  7. 7. Implementation Framework Understand the Envision & Architect Deliver the Right Business Challenge the Solution Integrated Solution Define what customer Form a client advocate Form the SMO project service means “Steering Committee” group Prioritize customer Get buy-in from the top Get the word out satisfaction milestones Execute against Develop a change Define roles & milestones – “Customer management approach responsibilities Satisfaction is (FIOF / NILL) Collaborative” Build an execution plan Continually improve by Develop a GAP analysis for each area of the testing the environment company Assess approaches to close gaps Develop project plan milestones
  8. 8. “Success is getting what you want.Happiness is wanting what you get” Dale CarnegieThe goal is to keep the clients you have!!
  9. 9. ThankThank you!! You!