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PCMDI Software System


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Published in: Technology
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PCMDI Software System

  1. 1. PCMDI Software System by Dean N. Williams
  2. 2. Program for Climate Model Diagnosis and Intercomparison (PCMDI) u Established in 1989 in response to the need to determine the differences among climate models. u Currently, PCMDI is leading several intercomparison projects (e.g., Atmospheric Model Intercomparison Project (AMIP) and Couple Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP).
  3. 3. PCMDI continued... u PCMDI’s principal mission is to develop improved methods and tools for the diagnosis, validation, and intercomparison of global climate models.
  4. 4. PCMDI Software System uA suite of software tools for the storage, diagnosis, and visualization of data. u Each software product can be executed as an independent process, but more importantly each product work together in the elaborate PCMDI Software System.
  5. 5. PCMDI Software Products u Climate Data Analysis Tool (CDAT) • Utilizes an interpreted language to manipulate data and provide climate scientists with diagnostic, statistical, and regridding routines. u Climate Database Management System • Designed to automatically locate and extract metadata (i.e., variables, dimensions, grids, etc.) from PCMDI’s collection of model runs and analysis files.
  6. 6. PCMDI Software Products (continued..) u Common Data UNIform File (cdunif) Reader • A library of input functions for accessing netCDF, HDF, DRS, GrADS/GRIB and VPOP data files. u Data and Dimension Interface (DDI) • A Graphical User Interface (GUI) that reads and writes available file formats, and sends data to a variety of visualization systems.
  7. 7. PCMDI Software Products (continued..) u Data Retrieval and Storage (DRS) • A library that supports direct access I/O, and multi-dimensional array variables. u EzGet • A FORTRAN application programmer’s interface (API) for reading various data file formats via cdunif, and for performing grid transformations and some calculations.
  8. 8. PCMDI Software Products (continued..) u Library of AMIP Standards (LATS) Data Transmission • A collection of software routines to output gridded data in either netCDF or GRIB formats for the Atmospheric Model Intercomparison Project (AMIP). u Quality Control Software (QCS) • Software that checks the correctness of AMIP model data.
  9. 9. PCMDI Software Products (continued..) u Visualization and Computation System (VCS) • A graphics software package that allows the display, animation, and manipulation of scientific data.
  10. 10. CDAT Modular Design CDAT Design Diagram VCS PVM cdunif CDMS Command Line Interface GUI LATS netCDF PYTHON Script API Numerics PCMDI Functions NCAR Functions ACL/LANL Functions Figure 1. Conceptual view of CDAT’s modular design. CGI
  11. 11. CDMS Modular Design CDMS Design Diagram PCMDI Software System Python PSQL CDMS Functions cdunif netCDF, HDF, DRS GrADS, VPOP, etc API Library C Interface FORTRAN Interface ASCII CDMS Files Figure 2. Conceptual view of CDMS’s modular design.
  12. 12. Cdunif Modular Design Cdunif Design Diagram cdunif API netCDF version 2.3 netCDF vers ion 3. 3 HDF DRS GrADS/ GRIB Figure 3. Conceptual view of cdunif’s modular design. VPOP
  13. 13. DDI Modular Design DDI Design Diagram Visualization Systems Ingest Data AVS GUI DRS Collage/ XImage HDF IDL DDI netCDF IRIS Explorer GrADS/GRIB PV_WAVE VPOP CDAT Save Data DRS netCDF HDF VCS AVS/Field Explorer/Lattice Khoros Figure 4. Conceptual view of DDI’s modular design.
  14. 14. DRS Modular Design DRS Design Diagram C / FORTRAN Application drsed - data browser DRS API IEEE Standard Output Figure 5. Conceptual view of DRS’s modular design.
  15. 15. EzGet Modular Design EzGet Design Diagram FORTRAN Application Error Messages EzGet API cdunif Cddrs cdunif Figure 6. Conceptual view of EzGet’s modular design.
  16. 16. LATS Modular Design LATS Design Diagram Save Data netCDF LATS API GrADS/GRIB Figure 7. Conceptual view of LATS’s modular design.
  17. 17. QCS Modular Design QCS Design Diagram CDAT PYTHON VCS Scripts API QC Math LATS Figure 8. Conceptual view of QCS’s modular design.
  18. 18. VCS Modular Design VCS Design Diagram VCS Functionality VCS Triples Python Template GUI Scripts Ingest Data CDMS VCS Scripts Animation Colormap Computations cdunif CDAT cddrs Graphics Method Save Data •DRS •netCDF •HDF Save Image •CGM •Raster •Postscript VCS Canvas Attribute Manipulations Figure 9. Conceptual view of VCS’s modular design.
  19. 19. Building Block Design View Levels of PCMDI Software System PCMDI Applications DDI EzGet VCS QCS CDAT Low-level LATS interface Low-level CDMS interface PSQL Python interface Cdunif Library netCDF HDF DRS GrADS VPOP Figure 10. A building block look at the design structure of the PCMDI Software System.
  20. 20. Multiple Platforms u All software products work run on the following platforms: • • • • • • • Cray C90 and J90 DEC HP IBM PC SGI Sun UNICOS 8.0 or higher OSF 3.2 or higher HP-UX 9.05 or higher AIX 3.5 or higher Linux 3.03 or higher IRIX 5.3 or higher Sun0S 4.1.3 or Solaris 2.4 or higher
  21. 21. PCMDI Software System u Each one of these software products is independent and run as a standalone process, but more importantly they all work together in the elaborate PCMDI Software System. PCMDI Software System CDAT Python Scripts CDMS Figure 11. Conceptual view of PCMDI’s Software System. VCS
  22. 22. PCMDI Software Availability u FREE u All PCMDI software products and documentation are accessible via the World Wide Web at: •