HDF-EOS Workshop II Introduction


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HDF-EOS Workshop II Introduction

  1. 1. HDF-EOS Workshop II Introduction Candace Carlisle Earth Science Data and Information Systems (ESDIS) Project HDF-EOS Workshop II 1
  2. 2. HDF-EOS • • • • • • Baseline standard data format for distribution, production and archive of EOS data Selected based on evaluation of available formats and science data needs Based on National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) Hierarchical Data Format HDF-EOS adds EOS data features to HDF – HDF-EOS developed by EOS Core System contracto HDF-EOS provides – Portability – Self-description, allowing data to be read by generic tools – Pre-organized metadata NASA invests in improvements to HDF and HDF-EOS HDF-EOS Workshop II 2
  3. 3. Purpose of this Workshop • In-depth information about HDF and HDF-EOS for data producers, user services, and tool developers • Hands-on tutorials on HDF and HDF-EOS tools and utilities • Hands-on tutorials on programming with HDF and HDF-EOS Applications Programming Interfaces • Individual consultation for individuals and teams HDF-EOS Workshop II 3
  4. 4. Workshop Sponsors • Workshop Committee • • • • • • • • Ben Kobler, NASA Candace Carlisle, NASA Dan Marinelli, NASA John Berbert, NASA Doug Ilg, RITSS (formerly STX) George Schwenke, RITSS (formerly STX) Mike Folk, NCSA, University of Illinois Thanks to the ECS team for providing • Facility • Speakers • Experts HDF-EOS Workshop II 4
  5. 5. HDF-EOS Vendor Opportunities • Large and growing community of EOSDIS users – In 1996, there were over 20,000 distinct users of earth science data that accessed NASA DAACs (“EOSDIS Version 0”) – We expect rapid growth in the number of users with the launch of EOS AM-1, Landsat 7, and Sage III – EOSDIS data is widely available and free or inexpensive to obtain • e.g. NASA may charge users for cost of media and shipping – Expected user community includes • Public sector (NASA, NOAA, USDA...) • Scientific researchers • Commercial users • Education community • International Partners HDF-EOS Workshop II 5
  6. 6. HDF-EOS Vendor Opportunities, Cont’d • EOSDIS users will need a broad spectrum of tools with these capabilities: – browsing – viewing – subsetting – image analysis and enhancement – mathematical and statistical analysis – processing – graphics – animation HDF-EOS Workshop II 6
  7. 7. HDF-EOS Resources • • • • HDF-EOS Standards and Tools Information Web Site http://hdfeos.gsfc.nasa.gov/hdfeos/workshop.html – HDF-EOS source code and documentation – Workshop proceedings HDF-EOS Data Sampler CD Eostools listserv, eostools@eos.nasa.gov – To subscribe send email to majordomo@eos.nasa.gov with Subscribe eostools <address> in message body This workshop – Consultation sessions Wednesday afternoon and Thursday • Sign up! – “Ask the Experts” Q&A session Wednesday afternoon • Submit questions to a committee member! HDF-EOS Workshop II 7
  8. 8. HDF-EOS Resources, Cont’d • • • DAAC User Support EOSDIS Core System (ECS) Team – ECS Data Handling System • http://edhs1.gsfc.nasa.gov/ – Help via email • HDF-EOS library: pgstlkit@eos.hitc.com • metadata: metadata@eos.hitc.com – Larry Klein, 301-925-0764 RITSS (formerly STX) – Doug Ilg, dilg@rattler.gsfc.nasa.gov • (301) 441-4089 HDF-EOS Workshop II 8