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Film openning titles


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Film openning titles

  1. 1. Film Title Research
  2. 2. Reservoir Dogs : Opening Titles This was Quentin tarnation's first film, and produced by an independent company. In the film opening titles, we see a really simple way to introduce all the characters. 9 men are walking down the street, the camera then cuts to a close up to each person and we see a freeze frame and the name of the character is shown. I think tis is a good way to introduce all the characters, as it dose not give away the whole narrative, but the character is developed
  3. 3. 500 days of summer : Opening Titles This opening Titles starts by introducing the characters, we learn much more about the main protagonist and we see much more of a character development. It then cuts to an an animation sequence of drawings with all the names of the characters in the film, with drawings of buildings and things related to the narrative. This establishes the location for the film and hints to the audience the atmosphere of the film or the themes involved.
  4. 4. SUICIDE SQUAD : OPENNING CREDITS In the title sequence, we don’t really see a an introduction to the characters real name, instead we just see a sequence of the companies involved in making the film. This may be because the actors are already big and don’t need the exposure, or even if someone needs to know an actors name they can just Google it due to how big the film is. This introduction is used as because these companies are paying for the film, they want all he exposure themselves.
  5. 5. ORDER OF TITLES From my research, I can see that first comes the names of the production companies and distribution companies that helped fund the film, we then see names of the actors and the main crew that helped out with the film. The last thing we see before the films starts tends to be the directors name.
  6. 6. Conclusion: from my research I can gather, that independent films , in the begging we see more of an opening credits and a focus on each character and there real name, I think this is due to the fact because this film is more low-key, it wants to promote each individual character in every aspect possible. However in a big distributed film, with a big budget and in all the cinemas, the actors have already been exposed enough to make it to the big budget film, or even they do not want to give away the plot line or anything, as they probably want to create an element od surprise when the audiences favorite character comes on to screen.