Keynote: Welcome Message/State of Apache HBase


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An update about achievements by the community since HBaseCon 2015, and what's in the works.

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  • Visa AirBnB
  • All committers and PMC members please stand up so the rest know what you look like.
  • Enis
  • All committers and PMC members please stand up so the rest know what you look like.
  • Call to action.
  • Keynote: Welcome Message/State of Apache HBase

    1. 1. The State Enis Söztutar and Michael Stack HBase Project Management Committee
    2. 2. Pervasive
    3. 3. SemVer in Action 1.0.0 Released last year. Started following semantic versioning 10 releases with 1.x.y versions. More coming! Release notes contain “compatibility” report for source / binary Patch upgrades do not have new features. Safe to upgrade. Learnt from singularity (0.94 -> 0.96+) 2.0 will be rolling upgradable!
    4. 4. Releases Since last year 1.2 Branch RM: Sean Busbey (Two releases) 1.1 Branch RM: Nick Dimiduk (Five releases) 1.0 Branch RM: Enis Söztutar (Three releases, EOL) 0.98 Branch RM: Andrew Purtell (Five releases) 0.94 Branch RM: Lars Hofhansl 1.3 branch RM: Mikhail Antonov An RCs a-coming... 2.0 branch RM: Matteo Bertozzi EOY
    5. 5. Development Focus Offheaping Read path (done) Write path in development In-memory flushes/compactions Compact in-memory representations Fatter flushes Assignment Manager/Master New Compaction Policies More Scan Improvements Spark Integration C++ Client Async Client, Async WAL Writer
    6. 6. Dogfooding YARN Application Timeline Server v.2 (YARN-2928) Using HBase as storage backend, significantly improves the system scalability Close to a branch merge with basic components ready. fault tolerance, writer isolation, etc. Hive MetaStore in HBase (HIVE-9452) Branch merged to Hive trunk. Comes as a beta in Hive-2.0.0. 1.6x improvement on TPC-DS, 13x improvement in explain-only plans HBase stores file metadata cache accessed by tasks Ambari Metrics Server (AMBARI-5707) Metrics store using Phoenix. Does aggregations Grafana front-end in Ambari-2.2.2
    7. 7. Committers Since last year Yu Li Francis Liu Ashish Singhi Heng Chen Stephen Yuan Jiang Esteban Guitierrez Mikhail Antonov (PMC) Currently 50 committers and 27 PMC members Committers from: Alibaba, Cask, Cloudera, Facebook, HortonWorks, Huawei, IBM, Intel, Salesforce, Xiaomi, Yahoo!, etc.
    8. 8. What is? 1 in 50?
    9. 9. Health
    10. 10. Health ● ...has had 11,969 commits made by 139 contributors representing 953,432 lines of code ● ...took an estimated 267 years of effort (COCOMO model) starting with its first commit in April, 2007 ending with its most recent commit 6 days ago
    11. 11. Health Last 300 Days
    12. 12. Ecosystem Currently in Apache Incubator Tephra Omid Trafodion S2Graph Top level projects Phoenix Kylin Others OpenTSDB SpliceMachine TiDB etc.
    13. 13. Deferred<Future> EOD Session Lars Hofhansl HBase Futures