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HBaseCon 2015: Warcbase - Scaling 'Out' and 'Down' HBase for Web Archiving


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Web archiving initiatives around the world capture ephemeral web content to preserve our collective digital memory. However, that requires scalable, responsive tools that support exploration and discovery of captured content. Here you'll learn about why Warcbase, an open-source platform for managing web archives built on HBase, is one such tool. It provides a flexible data model for storing and managing raw content as well as metadata and extracted knowledge, tightly integrates with Hadoop for analytics and data processing, and relies on HBase for storage infrastructure.

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HBaseCon 2015: Warcbase - Scaling 'Out' and 'Down' HBase for Web Archiving

  1. 1. Warcbase: Scaling ‘Out’, ‘In’, and ‘Down’ HBase for Web Archiving Jimmy Lin University of Maryland @lintool Ian Milligan University of Waterloo @ianmilligan1 HBaseCon2015 Thursday, May 7, 2015
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  6. 6. circa ~2010 ~150 people total ~60 Hadoop nodes ~6 people use analytics stack daily circa ~2012 ~1400 people total 10s of Ks of Hadoop nodes, multiple DCs 10s of PBs total Hadoop DW capacity ~100 TB ingest daily dozens of teams use Hadoop daily 10s of Ks of Hadoop jobs daily
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  11. 11. When does an event become “history”? ~20-30 years later The history of the 1960s were written in the 1980s!
  12. 12. This scandal was brought to you by the digital revolution. That meant we could access all the information we wanted, when we wanted it, anytime, anywhere, and when the story broke in January 1998, it broke online. It was the first time the traditional news was usurped by the Internet for a major news story, a click that reverberated around the world… … it was before social media, but people could still comment online, email stories, and, of course, email cruel jokes. News sources plastered photos of me all over to sell newspapers, banner ads online, and to keep people tuned to the TV. Monica Lewinsky – The Price of Shame TED Talk, March 2015 “ ” So, where are those web pages now?
  13. 13. When does an event become “history”? ~20-30 years later Historians are getting ready to write about the 90s… Right about now!
  14. 14. Can you write a history of the