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Growth is about different not more


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My second Ignite talk at the Hacker Dojo. This time, they had me go last because they knew I'd be energetic. Also on Ustream, I think.

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Growth is about different not more

  1. 1. Growth Is About Different, Not More @chrisyeh PBworks
  2. 2. What does “growth” mean to you?
  3. 3. Many think it’s all about numbers
  4. 4. Numbers don’t tell the whole story 714 755 762
  5. 5. Your brain is like a muscle
  6. 6. You need variety in your workout
  7. 7. Nature relies on difference
  8. 8. More of the same isn’t always better
  9. 9. Trying different things isn’t always easy
  10. 10. But failure is part of success
  11. 11. Think of yourself as a team
  12. 12. You don’t want a team of clones
  13. 13. It takes different skills to make a team
  14. 14. Seek out people who differ
  15. 15. Visit new places
  16. 16. Read things others don’t
  17. 17. Try things you haven’t done before
  18. 18. If you feel uncomfortable, you’re doing it right
  19. 19. In conclusion… Your brain is a muscle Difference = P90X Discomfort = Learning