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Reducing Food Waste

Food waste is a huge issue that the world is facing. It’s a long and complicated journey from farm to table, and 54% of food is lost between harvest and transportation. Packaging can play a large role in keeping food fresh during its journey. To learn more about agricultural packaging, check out our blog.

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Reducing Food Waste

  1. 1. Reducing Food Waste Brad Zechman PACK EXPO | November 2014
  2. 2. What is the largest contributor to landfills in United States?
  3. 3. Food waste 3 Food! Over 20% of U.S. landfills are food
  4. 4. How many people could we feed with the food that is wasted?
  6. 6. On a global bases, 1/3 of food produced for humans is lost. These losses are driven by: post-harvest transport, processing, spoilage and damage during distribution, and loss at the consumption level.
  7. 7. And it’s not just limited to industrialized nations.
  8. 8. What is packaging’s role in food waste?
  9. 9. Extending shelf life for perishable items.
  10. 10. Refrigeration life for items that need to breathe.
  11. 11. Rightsizing for portion/consumption size.
  12. 12. Protection in the supply chain 12 Product protection. Some products need to be transported vast distances through complex supply chains.
  13. 13. H.B. Fuller solutions Enabling our customers to create better package designs that help prevent food waste.
  14. 14. Produce packaging Benefits • Highly breathable adhesive • Package design flexibility • Eliminates need for perforations H.B. Fuller’s flexible packaging laminating adhesives allow nearly invisible interaction of the gas flow or oxygen transfer rate. This allows designers to optimize their packages to the specific life needed for the produce.
  15. 15. Reinforced corrugate protects produce Benefits • Longer package life and minimizes package crushing • Maintains ventilation • Maintains recyclability • Can often reduce fiber utilization H.B. Fuller’s adhesive coated Sesame® tapes are used to reinforce corrugate in high stress areas.
  16. 16. Flex pack longer shelf life Benefits • Maximize barrier properties • Utilize alternative materials • Energy absorbing • Reduced breakage • Maintain seal H.B. Fuller’s energy absorbing adhesives can minimize spoilage or product loss due to seal breakage during handling.
  17. 17. Eliminate outer packaging Benefits • Leverages standard pack size • Enables bulk purchase • Minimizes outer pack waste • Unused pack stays fresh
  18. 18. Seal & re-seal packaging Benefits • Easy open • Aging population • Children • Longer shelf life • Functional packaging
  19. 19. H.B. Fuller can help connect you with smarter, better, faster packaging.
  20. 20. We have packaging centers of excellence around the globe to assist with your most challenging package adhesion situations. Shanghai, China Lüneberg, GermanySt. Paul, MN Mexico City, Mexico
  21. 21. © H.B. Fuller Company, 2014 This presentation is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer by H.B. Fuller to sell or a warranty of any kind. What are you doing to reduce food waste?