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State of Play - Gamification


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A presentation by Adam Emmott, Interactive Director at HAVAS LYNX EU.

Gamification is a powerful tool. Here Adam Emmott looks at the benefits of gamification on patient adherence. By engaging the patient, they are more likely to adhere to their treatment, and improve their outcomes for the better.

Published in: Healthcare
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State of Play - Gamification

  1. 1. State Play Of Adam Emmott Interactive Director Making a buzzword work in Healthcare
  2. 2. Gabe Zichermann – Chair G summit, Huffington Post article ‘Gamification, The Hard Truths’ “As gamification transforms business, it's also transforming our lives for the better.”
  3. 3. Adherence through fun HighRise
  4. 4. High Rise • Reward for adherence - Content rewards and badges linked to progression - Repeat visits rewarded with internal reward system and avatar unlocks • A place for community - The city grows around you - Create your very own space in a thriving city, seeing your ‘neighbours’ improve as you do
  5. 5. High Rise • Strong story and character base - A strong character format and story format helps drive the appeal to interact, it looks and feels like a game - A strong story can aid a conversation about a condition with parents and carers
  6. 6. Gamified adherence in mental health On Track
  7. 7. OnTrack What is it? - Mobile and desktop friendly patient/HCP adherence management system - Potential to use gathered information to spot relapses through baseline tracking and social connectivity -Currently in pre-development, looking to pilot in March/April
  8. 8. “I remember in certain stages of the game you were fighting leukaemia and bone cancers, and these were things I had. I felt like I was able to fight them as well.” Cancer patient who used Re-Mission
  9. 9. Re Mission – HopeLab The issue - Adherence is an issue in any treatment, especially in self-administered oral chemotherapy The solution - HopeLab (a non-profit organisation) created the game Re-Mission with the aim of inducing positive behaviours in young cancer patients - Game play includes destroying cancer cells and managing adverse events by destroying them with the relevant treatment
  10. 10. Re Mission – HopeLab The Outcome • Randomised trials have shown improvement in overall treatment outcomes in a difficult to treat population of patients • Patients were both more likely to adhere to their treatment, engage in better self-care and gained more knowledge of their treatment and condition
  11. 11. Thank you Questions?