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Speaking digital: The key to global healthcare communications


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For patients, carers and professionals, wherever they are in the world, digital technology is inherent in their everyday lives. Digital is, so to speak, a global language. The success of Facebook, Google & Apple, have succeeded where armies, politics and religion have failed, in uniting disparate populations. Individual expectations have been aligned across the globe, and whilst context may change, the user experience need not.

The pharma approach to global communications is based on traditional ideas and borders, can a fresh approach aligned to the new world of communications represent a critical competitive advantage?

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Speaking digital: The key to global healthcare communications

  1. 1. Image selection
  2. 2. ▶ 53 years old, Tour guide ▶ Christianity and football ▶ Politically active & unhappy ▶ Family man ▶ Carer: elderly
  3. 3. ▶ Late 30’s, Oncologist ▶ Single, career driven ▶ Hates sport but keeps fit ▶ Passionate member of medical community striving for better integrated patient pathway ▶ Not political or religious
  4. 4. ▶ Mid 20’s, Fashion blogger ▶ Muslim, Bangladeshi family ▶ Psoriasis patient: condition has made her feel shy and isolated ▶ Ignored by doctor, feels hopeless about her condition
  5. 5. Three figures plotted on a map, with a call out indicating their priority • § Layos, frustrated by Government • § Yukie, determined to change the status quo • § Aisha, isolated from society
  6. 6. ▶ Business: Email, FB Message, WhatsApp, Instagram ▶ Political activism: Twitter ▶ Finances: uses Zuum to send money to brothers ▶ Health conditions: Wikipedia, product sites, forums ▶ Calls and texts doctor
  7. 7. ▶ Uses desktop and phablet ▶ Accesses online healthcare resources daily; product info, message boards & communities ▶ Uses mix of Line and Mixi to chat ▶ Banks on phone (HSBC)
  8. 8. ▶ Uses desktop, tablet and mobile ▶ Prolific online shopper, banks online ▶ Loves Pinterest, Twitter & Instagram ▶ Uses WhatsApp & FB to chat ▶ Visits forums for info about conditon and new treatments
  9. 9. Founded 1975 400+ Camper stores 1000+ employees $180m+ turnover Founded 2006 <10 Tom’s owned 300 employees $250m turnover
  10. 10. Gamejam: Rapid prototyping • 55 developers (Facebook, Google, Amazon) + scientists & academics • 48 hour ‘hackathon’ • 12 prototypes created in two days • Refined further over the course of a year • Released and then refined through updates