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Programme of continuing improvement


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Our agency is in rude health; winning Havas Agency of the Year, a 70% pitch win rate, 90% staff retention, and year on year growth of 20% through referrals, recommendations and repeat business. We want to continue to build on our success, and as a result we have created a continuing programme of improvement to enable us to drive our business forwards.
The programme objectives are to:
• Appreciate and build on the company’s strengths
• Identify and recognise our weaknesses so we can address them
• Identify new opportunities to make an impact
• Further understand the evolving landscape to better support our partners
This presentation reveals the results of the programme to date, detailing our strengths and areas that we need to address in order to ensure we are providing the best service we can, through engaged, creative and expert talent.

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Programme of continuing improvement

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  13. 13. Share insight
  14. 14. Encourage proactivity
  15. 15. @havaslynxeu
  16. 16. #LXAcademy programme
  17. 17. Proprietary and confidential © 2014 HAVAS LYNX 28K VIEWS Digital inclusion With Robin Christopherson
  18. 18. Proprietary and confidential © 2014 HAVAS LYNX 14K VIEWS Trends in online marketing WithAshley Friedlein
  19. 19. Enhance scientific & strategic capabilities
  20. 20. Proprietary and confidential © 2014 HAVAS LYNX Proven strategic toolbox BUILD THE BRAND BRAND ID Who am I? CBI What do I promise? MESSAGE ARCHITECTURE What’s my story? CREATIVE CONCEPT What’s my creative idea? BUILD THE EXPERIENCE BRANDING What’s my vibe, look, and feel? OFFERING How do we fill customer needs, wants, and desires? ENGAGEMENT What will the customer engagement plan look like? DETAILED TACTICAL PLAN What are specific tactics to support the offerings and engagement? ANALYTICS & MEASUREMENT How are we measuring and optimizing the experience? SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS Where’s the opportunity in the market? PT PATHWAY+ LEVERAGE POINTS Where should I play? PRIORITIZED SWOT How can I do it? GOST How will I do it? TARGETING Who will I target? POSITIONING STATEMENT How will I be positioned in the market? BUILD THE STRATEGY
  21. 21. Drive creative excellence
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  23. 23. Driving value
  24. 24. PRIDE
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