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Social Media in Pharma - Making it Happen


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Presentation by Gary Monk, Director of Strategy and Innovation at HAVAS LYNX EU.

Presentation at the SMI Social Media congress, January 2014. A case comparison of 4 Pharma companies efforts on Facebook. GSK, Pfizer, Novartis and Boehringher Ingelheim. Some useful learnings around Health Care Social Media.

Published in: Healthcare
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Social Media in Pharma - Making it Happen

  1. 1. Social Media in Pharma Making it Happen Gary Monk
  2. 2. Social Media in Pharma Making it Happen Gary Monk Presentation includes speaker notes on slides
  3. 3. @garymonk garywmonk
  4. 4. @garymonk garywmonk I have delivered social media programmes inside and outside of pharma and understand the challenges, I hope I can share some useful learning’s!
  5. 5. This presentation centres around Facebook, it is the biggest social media platform however the learning’s can be transferred to almost any social media platform or programme
  6. 6. There are other pharma companies on Facebook. These ‘FAIRLY BIG 4’ corporate pages have been compared and contrasted. The Top 2 pages by likes are J&J and Bayer. A subject for another presentation...
  7. 7. This presentation is not about beating up ANY of these companies, rather identifying and sharing valuable learnings
  8. 8. ALL of these companies deserve recognition for being brave and actually going out there into the social space!
  9. 9. Terms and conditions are warm, welcoming and friendly. The language is fun, yet explains clearly WHAT is allowed, in terms of comments and WHY
  10. 10. Example of Boehringer using human language to outline community rules
  11. 11. Boehringer have an interesting approach curating exciting health technology news and innovations in combination with their own news
  12. 12. “So we're changing from just Boehringer Ingelheim 'boring pharma company', just giving out its news, to become more of a news source.” Quote via PM Live on why they have taken this approach
  13. 13. Approach The content approach thus combines a blend of internal and external news
  14. 14. Responding Boehringer respond quickly to questions in a friendly way
  15. 15. Responding Responses are considered, compliant but warm
  16. 16. Engaging Boehringer like to ask questions and they usually get a good response
  17. 17. Infographics Note Boehringers use of infographics and the split between German and English language
  18. 18. • Nice friendly introductory explanation as to what can and can’t be discussed • Very transparent list, If you choose to list these in your own page, consider how you word these to ensure they remain friendly • Consider the resources required to deal with non-english or non-local language. What language do your stakeholders want to express themselves in?
  19. 19. Good transparency from Novartis, asking employees to ‘announce’ themselves in Social Media
  20. 20. Approach Novartis produces engaging content primarily internally focused, around the company
  21. 21. Responding Novartis are very good at responding quickly. In this case they had to hide a product mention for compliance reasons however responded back with clear next steps for support
  22. 22. Infographics Novartis also use engaging infographics
  23. 23. Employee support Novartis employees strongly support the Facebook site and help to dilute any negativity
  24. 24. GSK are clear on what is allowable on their page and explain why
  25. 25. Approach GSK talk primarily about themselves, they use interesting hooks to generate engagement such as celebrity endorsement i.e. F1 driver Jenson Button. They also had a great sponsorship campaign of the London 2012 Olympics
  26. 26. Historic negative comments In a previous blog I highlighted historic negative comments to GSK. These seem to have reduced. It is not clear if they becoming less prominent or if GSK are taking a stronger line in terms of moderating them
  27. 27. Non English comments welcome GSK have a global approach with comments allowed in multiple languages
  28. 28. Strong employee support Employees are very positive. Even assuming the ‘KILLERS’ comment is negative and not simply an off topic reference to the band of the same name, it is diluted by the positivity cultivated on the page.
  29. 29. Responding A really nice example of GSK responding quickly and openly to questions about a negative GSK news story. It is very important to get the responses to these constructive questions right, and of course to not hide these sort of comments!
  30. 30. Responding Another example of a typical response although a little slower
  31. 31. Pfizer are clear what is and what is not permissible. They do suggest people reach out to them which is a nice touch
  32. 32. Approach Pfizer use strong news articles that people tend to interact with. These are very much focused on Pfizer
  33. 33. Unanswered questions
  34. 34. Unanswered questions There are several recent questions asked of Pfizer on their page and they elect not to reply. It is important to consider your approach. Usually it is a convoluted legal process that prevents responses being given to questions in a timely manner, rather than a desire not to talk to people
  35. 35. Strong employee support Employees are extremely ‘loving’ to Pfizer. It would be good to see at least some discussion here with differing view points
  36. 36. Different companies, different tones and styles however some common principles on using corporate social media
  37. 37. Page likes 43367 95748 92989 84545 All companies have significant numbers of page likes
  38. 38. Average post likes 99 153 171 347 Boehringer have a significant number of average post likes, partly driven by rich media such as video and curating exciting and relevant healthcare news
  39. 39. Average post comments 4.4 4.6 5.5 4.3 All companies are generating a similar amount of comments with GSK slightly ahead
  40. 40. # posts last 3 months 25 26 25 37 All companies are generating good interactions with their posts and could consider increasing the volume of quality content that they post
  41. 41. Learnings • Human and friendly ‘engagement policy’ • Defined process for managing comments • Rich content schedule • Approval processes to support a quick & human response • Stakeholder value? • Consider approach to multiple languages
  42. 42. @garymonk garywmonk Questions? Please get in touch