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  1. 1. DEMOCRACY, DICTATORSHIP, AND DEVELOPMENT PRESENTED BY: Safwan Hashmi Muhammad Nauman Sharif Ali Muhammad
  2. 2. WHAT IS DEMOCRACY ?Democracy refers to a political system in which government is formby the people, exercised either directly or through electedrepresentative.Main Points:• People Elected government.• There is freedom of speech.• There is no one party government In the country.• Right to give vote to elect their representatives.• The common people, considered as the primary source of political power.• The principles of social equality and respect for the individual within a community.
  3. 3. WHAT IS DICTATORSHIP ?Dictatorship is the form of government in which the country is ruleby one person or on party, the main points of this type ofgovernment is as fellowsMain Points:• Not give interest to country benefit.• No freedom of speech• Give benefit to his own people.• The decision making ability is in the hand of one person or party.• There is no respect of dictator in the mind of people.
  4. 4. WHAT IS DEVELOPMENT ?• Development is the process of being developed nation.• To develop your self to a prosper nation.• Availability of food, shelter and basic necessities of life to the poor people.• Equality among the people.• Abundance of Jobs in the country.• Try to provide Education to all at low cost.• Try to live on their own.• Try to have the power to defend themselves.
  5. 5. WHICH GOVERNMENT FORM IS BETTER, AND WHY ?We prefer democracy for development Because It• Promotes equality among citizens.• Enhances the dignity of the individual.• Improves the quality of decision making.• Provides a method to resolve conflicts.• Allow room to correct mistakes.• Listen to people.
  6. 6. MAIN POINTS OF DEMOCRACY• Government by the people, exercised either directly or through elected representatives.• A political or social unit that has such a government.• The common people, considered as the primary source of political power.• There is always the Majority rule.• The principles of social equality and respect for the individual within a community.
  7. 7. WHAT ARE THE MAIN PRINCIPLES OF DEMOCRACY ?1. Free elections are used to select representatives of the people.2. The powers of government are based on the consent of the governed.3. Public questions are decided by the will of the majority.4. Rule of law guarantees rights and freedoms. a. Freedom to live or travel anywhere in the country. b. Freedom to work at any job for which one qualifies. c. Freedom to marry and raise a family. d. Freedom to receive free education in public schools. e. Freedom to join a political party, union, or other legal group.
  8. 8. OUTCOME OF DEMOCRACYThe outcomes of democracy varies from nation to nation.It depends upon the social situations, economicachievements and the culture of the respective nation. Itshould be learnt that democracy is just a form ofgovernment and can create conditions to achieve theirgoals.
  9. 9. • Regular, force and fair elections.• Open public debate on major policies and legislatures• Citizen’s right to information about the governments and its functioning.• Free Media• Regular election in which all eligible citizen are allowed to vote.• A fair courts system that is independent from the political system• Relative free access to state information• Non political police force and armed services.• Limited terms for elected responsibilities.• A non political state bureaucracy.• A government for the majorities and minorities of the country.• A form of government which is fully elected by the citizens of the country.
  10. 10. DEMOCRACY LEAD THE COUNTRY TO BEDEVELOPED • Reasons why this form of government leads the country to development: • There is the element of decentralized. • The Rise of political institutions. • Rise of commerce. • Spread of education. • Dissolution of monasteries led to redistribution of wealth. • Shift of power from feudal lords to the monarch. • Free Media, Judicial, and other institutions of country.
  11. 11. POINTS IN FAVOR OF DEMOCRACY: • Following are the points which are in favor of democracy:• Citizens trust democratic government.• Elected Government.• Fulfilled the need of people.• Democratic government have respect in the world.• Gives people the widest range of freedoms.• People get to vote for the people who rule them.• The voice of every person of voting age can be heard.• The courts are independent and can defend the Constitution and law without fear of reprisal.
  12. 12. PUBLIC OPINION ABOUT DEMOCRACY• Russian public: (Opinion poll by Yuri Levada Center, March 2004) In Favor of Democracy: • 44% - Civil Liberties (freedom of speech, press, association, etc.) • 31% - Economic Growth • 29% - Order, Stability • 24% - Rule of law Against Democracy: • 18% - Electing top government leaders • 11% - A Meaningless Thing • 6% - AnarchyThe above poll Clearly shows that the Russian people are in favor of democracy becausethe polls show that 23% are in favors and 44% are against it.
  13. 13. PUBLIC OPINION OF RUSSIA Russian Poll 23% Democracy Dictatorship 77%
  14. 14. COUNTRIES WITH DEMOCRATIC FROM OF GOVERNMENT.Since 1900, the number of internationally recognized independent states has grown From 55 to nearly 200Today,Governments in 120 countries are formed by democratic method.62.5% of the world’s population live in those countries.
  15. 15. COUNTRIES WITH DEMOCRACY FORM OFGOVERNMENT Countries With Democracy 31% 19 centres Now a days 69%
  16. 16. SOME PEOPLE DISLIKE DEMOCRACY, WHY ?• Some people or nation dislike democracy because of following reasons:• The reason is that they like dictatorship.• They say that today the democracy is the lie, It is not true democracy.• It is the fake democracy.• It hand power to the people who are generally stupid.• Democracies are not democratic• In a country that uses a Single transferable vote it would almost certainly produce a hung parliament where power is decided in back rooms not by the voters.• Voters can be bribed, threatened etc. (In Country like Afghanistan, Bribing One tribal leader could change the Election) and votes can be tampered with.• Not everyone Votes• Many voters vote based on personality not the policy.• Elections Are very expenses and huge revenue is generated on it.• Violence during election.• Lots of national reserve is used in elections.
  17. 17. ANSWER TO THEIR DISLIKE• We cannot do any thing when they like dictatorship with out any reason.• It is the decision of the citizen of the country whether right or wrong and the citizen know how to handle the situation where the leader become defaulter.• Citizens have the right of freedom of speech, they can talk against the government the their policies as well.• If the parties become defaulter the people can take action against them.• Majority of people vote.• The people in the parliament are the elected people by the people of their respected areas.• It is true that the voter can bribed but this is not happen in the whole country.• All developed countries are democratic countries.• The expenses are not too much that the whole country will drone with it.
  18. 18. CONCLUSIONAfter discusses the above, points of comparison, we come to knowthat the democracy form of government is the best form of thegovernment in which the country will develop to the greatdeveloped country of the world, the country where there is equalrights for all mankind, abundance of food, availability of shelter andother necessities of life, the country where is the rule of law andthe rule of the poor people of the country. If these countries withdemocratic form of government, full fill the above requirements ofthe life, than this nation will become a developed nation of theworld.