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RTP 18-19 - Grants and Funding for Postgraduates


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Dr Ros Oates - 06/03/19

How do you gain funding or external grants during your research? Even small grants can be useful for your PhD journey, and they are a valuable addition to your CV. As well as exploring options for PhD students, we will look at how to write a funding bid and what re-sources Man Met can offer you to help you write a bid. Jessica Purdy, in the second year of her PhD, will share her experiences of bidding.

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RTP 18-19 - Grants and Funding for Postgraduates

  1. 1. Reader in Early Modern History
  2. 2. WHY BOTHER? • Hard Cash • CV • Recognition in your field • Refine your argument, idea and ‘pitch’
  3. 3. WHAT MONEY IS AVAILABLE? Manchester Met has money available to support you in your studies as a postgraduate student • PAHC - Myna Trustram £200 • Graduate School - conferences £250-400 • Your research centre (EG RUCUS, HRC, ) provides funding to staff
  4. 4. • CV • Shows the value of your research • Help you to think about the value of your research • Research Professional • The Alternative Funding guide for PhD students • Conferences • Twitter EXTERNAL FUNDING
  5. 5. FUNDING FOR MMU PGR STUDENTS Conference Funding Form
  6. 6. • Funding by place of origin • Funding by religious / social/ political groups (eg Freemasons) WHAT’S UNIQUE ABOUT YOU AND YOUR PROJECT?
  7. 7. Niche area of interests: eg Bibliographical Society? Religious or Political groups? Social activists? ASK YOUR SUPERVISOR WHO IS INTERESTED IN YOUR PROJECT?
  8. 8. Researchprofessional.c om
  9. 9. Conferences • Travel • Subsidised PG attendance • It’s great to give papers anyway OTHER SOURCES OF FUNDING
  10. 10. • Why is your research important? • What does your research do for the funder / university / society/ academic discipline / practice? READ THE NOTES FOR APPLICANTS ! * Why are you the right person to do this research and for this funder? * Why should the funder give you the money to do this research or attend this conference? I’VE FOUND A FUNDER, NOW WHAT?
  11. 11. Use your supervisor Write, re-write and re- write Remember they may be experts in your general field, but not your specific topic They may not even be experts in your field… Look at successful bids on Ask your friends This is brilliant practice – you need to be able to justify your research to a wider audience WRITING BIDS