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Harts Online Article Guidelines


Published on is looking for articles that offer dynamic yet critical reflections on the postgraduate academic development journey within PAHC.

Published in: Education
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Harts Online Article Guidelines

  1. 1. Harts Online Article Guidelines is looking for articles that offer dynamic yet critical reflections on the postgraduate academic development journey within PAHC. The aim of such articles is ultimately to shine a light on the research process and progress of PAHC students on a student-led, student-focussed platform in order to develop an inclusive reflection of the multiplicity of postgraduate experiences and challenges. Each article should be a critical reflection of 400 to 600 words. Images and videos are welcome where relevant. The inclusion of at least one image per piece is highly encouraged. Group as well as individual submissions are also welcomed i.e. articles by or about PGR collectives or group initiatives around a common research area. Examples of relevant article concepts include but are not limited to: - Research profiles on yourself or a fellow PAHC student; - Reflections on the research and/or writing process; - Milestones in your academic journey such as a conference presentation or journal publication; - Balancing creative process and academic writing in practice-based research; - Review of an exhibition/artwork/literary text/film/poem etc. that relates to your research project; - The process of archival research and the intricacies of archival etiquette; - The experience of a non-UK PAHC student; - Seminars and workshops undertaken through the PAHC Research Training Programme; - Manifestos or practitioner statements about research agendas; - Personal research statements - a declaration of current research interests; - Free-form or 'stream of consciousness' writing around a research theme or idea; - Reflections on discreet residencies, projects, research trips or exhibitions. Please note that while film/literature/exhibition reviews may be accepted, such pieces must be presented in a manner that relates to the author’s research journey. For example, a review may be written of a text that features in the author’s dissertation, a text that featured in a conference presentation, a text produced in relation to practice based research, a text that altered your research framework, etc. Please refer to the MMU Harvard Style of referencing where relevant. Harts Online requests articles to be written in UK English.