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HE Forum CCB LRC. Phyllis McDonald

  1. 1. Streaming – The LRC Perspective Phyllis McDonald – LRC Manager Jade Pardy – Systems Librarian Louise Harris – AV Librarian
  2. 2. The Background • The LRC has been recording off-air broadcasts since the early 1980s First on Phillips 2000 Then on VHS Then onto DVD • This was done under the ERA licence • These have been catalogued as part of the LRC and made available for teaching • Initially only lecturers were allowed to borrow them • All borrowers sign to comply with the ERA licence
  3. 3. The challenge • To make our recording more widely and easily available • To have back up copies in the event of loss or damage
  4. 4. Procedure: Selection • Subject Librarians familiar with the subject areas • Liaise with lecturing staff
  5. 5. Procedure: Recording • Circulate Radio Times • Methodical approach - keep track of recordings Favorites – episodes number/ title Uploading and deleting • Noting on the GroupWise Calendar (common to all LRC staff)
  6. 6. Procedure: after recording • Helix Software – Upload Programmes • „Latest Links‟ File – Cataloguing • OPAC
  7. 7. Exceptions • Foreign Language Films – ERA licence • DVDs Produced before Uploading • Open University productions
  8. 8. What We have Learnt In The Last Year • Time Consuming – tidying programmes • Managing the Process – keep track of series, uploading and deleting programmes • Good Links with IT Department • IT Requirements – Library Workspace • LRC Staff Trained to Lend Support to Role • Statistics on Usage
  9. 9. Staffing implications PREVIOUSLY • One AV Technician – distributing DVD/video players • One Part-time Librarian – capturing the programmes – cataloguing DVDs at the end of the series
  10. 10. Staffing implications THEN • One Part-time Librarian Capturing the programmes Trimming the programmes Uploading the programmes Cataloguing the programmes • One IT Co-ordinator – encoding and creating the website
  11. 11. Staffing implications NOW • Systems Librarian – co-ordinating • A/V Librarian – cataloguing • Resource Assistant – trimming • IT Co-ordinator – encoding and creating the website • IT Assistant – digitising old videos
  12. 12. Retrospective digitisation Key questions: 1. Which videos are worth digitising? • Quality of the original • Continuing usefulness of the videos 2. How do we prioritise? 3. How do we keep up with the demand?
  13. 13. DVDs • In the moving to streaming we can no longer provide DVD versions of programmes 1. Time – we cannot keep hard copies of everything we record! 2. Space – cannot keep recordings for long in their basic format 3. After compression any DVD produced would be for computer use only • Commercial DVDs – do we buy streaming rights?
  14. 14. Intellectual property • We cannot stream any commercial video or DVD without permission (which is frequently denied) • The copyright of a programme often resides with the original film company not the “publisher” • The ERA license does not cover programmes made by the Open University (even when part of the main stream broadcast schedule)
  15. 15. Some further questions • Are we recording the right programmes? More input from lecturing staff needed • How much are they being used? Detailed statistics needed • How long should we keep them? • How much can we store? • How do we organise them as the collection gets bigger?