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The BIG e 2011 - Amy Smythe-Harris "Leave the Desk Behind"


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The BIG e Presentation by Amy Smythe-Harris on Leaving the Desk Behind.

Published in: Real Estate, Technology, Business
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The BIG e 2011 - Amy Smythe-Harris "Leave the Desk Behind"

  1. 1. Leave the Desk Behind @amyoutloud
  2. 2. Go Paperless
  3. 3. Why Virtual?Not tied to officeConsumers are demanding itPotentially more business
  4. 4. Mobile Tool BoxSmart PhoneAir Card/Mi-fiPersonal Hot SpotLaptopPDF printerDigital SigningThumb Drive Card
  5. 5. Accessing Computer• Carbonite• Dropbox• Teamviewer• Sugarsync• Logmein Ignition• Jump
  6. 6. Accessing Computer• Citrix• Files anywhere•• PC anywhere*
  7. 7. Writing a Contract•• Docusign App*- Digital Signature Creator-• Iannotate.pdf-sign in person• Zosh-sign in person on Ipad• Tethering Laptop/Personal Hotspot
  8. 8. Sending a Written Contract• Jot Not Pro or Photo-to-Pdf App• Droid Scanner- – Scanner Pro – Scan2PDF/ – Document Scanner• PDF reader Lite
  9. 9. Handling Internet Leads• Email Video from youtube• Email Buyer/Seller Presenation•
  10. 10. Listing Presentations• Keynote• Ipresenter•• Animoto*
  11. 11. For our Buyers• Buyer Presentation•• Mortgage Apps• Loan Calc Pro• Zillow•
  12. 12. For our Buyers• Flight Track• Compass/Clinometer• Ustream/Qik• Supra Ekey• Snap Shop*
  13. 13. For our Buyers• Imfuna Rent*- investors• Home Tracker*
  14. 14. Biz Apps• Dragon Dictation• Straight2VM-slydial• Schedule Text• QR readers- Red laser/QR Scanner• Scan Biz Cards/Card Munch• Bump
  15. 15. Amy’s Go To Apps• Calendar• Dashfly*• Docusign• Google Earth• Google• Nearby
  16. 16. Amy’s Go To Apps• Skype• Tune In Radio• Slideshare• Spotify• Ebay• Splash ID
  17. 17. RE Apps••• MPG/Day-Tracker/Mile-Bug• Zip Finder• Foreclosure/Foreclosure Radar
  18. 18. Life’s a Breeze• Walgreens• Starbucks• Amazon• Ibooks/Kindle• Flipboard• Youmail• Google Voice
  19. 19. Life’s a Breeze• Ringo-ringtones• Spotify-music lovers• Cinemark/Fandango• Netflix/Hulu/Redbox• Lucy Phone
  20. 20. Q&A