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HTown Day 2012 - The Honorable Ronald C. Green


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The Honorable Ronald C. Green, City of Houston Controller, presents on "Houston 2012: Back to Normal".

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HTown Day 2012 - The Honorable Ronald C. Green

  1. 1. CITY OF HOUSTON Houston 2012: Back to Normal Houston Association of Realtors’Texas Realtor Leadership Program October 4, 2012 Ronald C. Green, Controller
  2. 2. City Controller• Houston is one of the few cities that elects a controller – our Chief Financial Officer.• In recession, it has become a very visible office. Citizens Mayor Controller Council• The Controller is independent of City Council and the Mayor and, thus, serves as a “financial watchdog” over the City’s finances. That’s good for the City—and good for taxpayers!
  3. 3. The Office of the Houston City Controller superintends the fiscal affairs of the City:• Conducts audits;• manages investments and debt;• prepares accurate and timely financial statements;• provides leadership on policy issues pertaining to the City’s financial health;• has the independent authority to conduct performance reviews of the City bureaucracy;• assesses the City’s future financial condition with accurate forecasts of projected revenues and expenses and area’s economic outlook.
  4. 4. Divisions of the Controller’s Office Executive/ Administrative Financial Treasury Reporting IT/ Operations Audit
  5. 5. Recent Bond Issues Historically low municipal rates have meant big savings— without lengthening the term of debt.• August 17, 2010: $212 million Combined Utility bond sale = $30 million in savings.• November 16, 2010: General Obligation Debt Refunding = $19 million in savings.• June 28, 2011: >$500 M refinancing airport debt = $36 million savings.• July 19, 2011: Refund debt for Convention & Facilities = $9.4 million savings. Continued…
  6. 6. Bond refinancing, continued• August 23, 2011: $167 million bond sale (Utility System) = $30.5 million in savings.• April 5, 2012: $503 million Airport refinancing = $55.6 million savings.• May 22, 2012: $307 million General Obligation Debt = $16.5 million savings.
  7. 7. Audits• FY 2012: the Audit Division engaged in 25 Audits and Special Projects that produced 12 Audit Reports.• FY 2012, the audits focused on compliance, performance, process reviews, ongoing monitoring, and quality assurance, which resulted in $2.75 million dollars in direct cost-savings.• Audit continues to develop a specific IT Audit Function by providing aggressive training and staff development that will more efficiently analyze data from disparate systems.• The Audit Division has developed Performance Metrics to be implemented during the FY2013. These will provide a framework for continuous improvement that considers all stakeholder perspectives.
  8. 8. Financial Reporting Division•Responsible for the preparation ofboth the Monthly Financial andOperations Report (MFOR) and theComprehensive Annual FinancialReport (CAFR)•Annual Trends Report•Forecasting
  9. 9. Operations and Technical Division• Performs certification of funds for contracts, accounts payables, bank reconciliation, payroll payments, and record retention for all City-wide departments• Citys cash disbursements now available on-line: www.houstontx/gov/controller/evendordisbursem ent.html
  10. 10. Houston’s General Fund FY 2013: $2.1 Billion in Available Funds• Taxes = 71% of Funds : $900 Million property taxes (up 4% from 2012); $577 Million sales taxes (up 4.5% from 2012).• Other Sources (Franchise Fees, Fines, Charges for Services, Beginning Fund Balance, Licenses and Permits, other) = 29% of Funds. - Continued -
  11. 11. Revenues from other sources— Enterprises (FY 2013)•Airport System, $437 Million;•Convention & Entertainment Facilities, $92 Million;•Houston Emergency Center, $26 Million;•Storm Water, $54 Million;•Building Inspection, $62 Million;•Parking Management, $19 Million;•Water and Sewer, $1.4 Billion•Dedicated Drainage and Street, $235 Million. Total Available Resources: $4.5 Billion
  12. 12. FY 2013 General Fund ExpendituresPublic Safety Departments, $1.2 Billion Police, Fire, Municipal CourtsDevelopment and Maintenance, $162 Million Planning, Public Works and Engineering, Solid WasteHuman and Cultural Services, $153 Million Health and Human Services, Housing and Community Development, Library, ParksAdministrative Services, $99 Million Mayor, City Secretary, Controller, Legal, HR, IT, Legal, City CouncilGeneral Government, $126 MillionDebt Service, $241 Million Total Expenditures: $1.9 Billion
  13. 13. General Fund Expenditures/Other Uses FY2013 Budget Administrative Svcs. Debt Svcs. 5% 12% 8% Dev. & Maint. Svcs. 7%60% 8% General Government Human & Cultural Svcs. Public Safety
  14. 14. What we are doing to meet the City’s budget challenge• Pension negotiations.• Consolidation of services (fleet, fuel, payroll, HR, IT).• Management initiatives (for ex.: Dept. budgets 4-27% less than FY2011; four Health Centers now managed by Federally Qualified Health Centers).• Employee furloughs and layoffs, FY 2011 (745).• Restructuring debt.• Self-insured health plan.• Increased collection efforts.• Increased 300 fees. Importantly, Houston has turned the corner…..
  15. 15. Houston Macroeconomics Medium- to Long-Term Economic Prospects Signs of Houston’s Recovery• Medium – Long Term Prospects – Recession in 20 largest metro areas: Houston last in, first out (after just 16 months of job losses) – GHP: 118% of lost jobs regained (June 2012); Boston, 2nd with 75% regained. – Forecasters: employment growth 2-2.5% through 2012; population growth 2.7% annually next three years.
  16. 16. Benchmarks• Houston Purchasing Managers Index *(PMI): up from 39.0 in March 2009 to 60.0 in mid-2012.• Domestic rotary rigs: up from low of 876 in June 2009 to 1,994 in August 2012.• 255,000 cars, trucks sold in 2011, up 6.1% over 2010.• Air traffic continues to grow: domestic up 2%; freight up 3.7%. *PMI: a short-term indicator for regional production; a range from 0-100; reading above a neutral 50 indicates likely growth in production over next quarter; based on eight (8) components: sales, production, employment, purchases, prices paid, lead times, purchased inventory and finished goods inventory.
  17. 17. A Recovery in Real Estate in the MSA Next decade, 44,000 new households per year• Through 2020, Houston will need 25,000-28,000 single family units annually; 15,500-16,500 rentals.• Residential: August 2012: homes selling at greatest pace since Aug. 2007; Aug. ‘12 up 20% over Aug. ‘11• Aug. 2012, 15th consecutive positive month.• Average and median price SFH up 4% from 2011; highest Aug. ever.• Houston: A seller’s market—but buyers benefitting from low mortgage interest rates.
  18. 18. Commercial, Industrial, Retail• Spring 2012:• Three consecutive quarters of positive absorption, in CBD, Katy Freeway/Energy Corridor, West Loop/ Galleria, Woodlands; 2.8 million s.f., in 2011 –vs. negative 320,000 in 2010)• 850,000 s.f. retail space under construction (Dec. 2011), 73 % pre-leased.• Vacancy and rental rates are stable.
  19. 19. Gulf Coast—The Most Dynamic of the Three Coasts• 2014 - Opening of the $5.25 Billion Panama Canal Expansion.• Cargo ships 2x the size of current ships – as many as 25% from Far East will pass LA and Long Beach and come to Gulf ports.• Port of Houston had 28% jump in foreign cargo last year – with expanded Panama Canal, much larger container ships & continued increase in foreign tonnage.
  20. 20. Hire Houston First Passed by Houston City Council August 31, 2011; Preference for City contracts based solely on geographyPERSONAL PROPERTY (GOODS):• If contract value is $100,000 or greater, then contract is awarded to City Business that is within 3% of lowest bid.• If contract value is $50,000 - $100,000, then contract is awarded to City Business that is within 5% of lowest bid.SERVICES:• If contract value is $100, 000 or greater, then contract is awarded to Local Business (eight counties in surrounding area) that is within 3% of the lowest bid.• If contract is $50,000 - $100,000, then contract is awarded to Local Business that is within 5% of the lowest bid.
  21. 21. Participating in Hire Houston First• Hire Houston First is part of the Office of Business Opportunity.• Interested parties must complete the Hire Houston First Application and Affidavit* (available at web site, above)• Phone: 832-292-0954; fax: 832-393-0952• Applications may be submitted via e-mail: *Affidavit must be notarized, and this may be scheduled at City Hall annex
  22. 22. Houston -- No. One Rankings• Top U.S. City Among Global Metro Monitoring—GDP per capita Brookings Institute, Jan. 2012• Best U.S. City, Industrial Manufacturing, Dec. 2011• Top 10 Manufacturing Cities Business Facilities - Jan. 2012• Fastest Growing Millionaire City in the U.S. – July 14, 2011• Fastest Growing Metro Area Rice Universitys Kinder Institute for Urban Research–July 2011• Green Building Initiatives (Large City Category - population over 100,000) The U.S. Conference of Mayors – June 17, 2011• Most Affordable City to Do Business - Worldwide Cities of Opportunities 2011 (as reported by PwC and The Partnership for New York City) - May 3, 2011• Top 10 Major Cities FDI Strategy FDI Magazine – April/May 2011
  23. 23. Top Local Government Green Power Purchaser Environmental Protection Agency - April 2011Lowest Cost of Living - Large Metros ACCRA Cost of Living Index – First Quarter 2011Lowest Estimated Land and Regulation Costs New Geography - November 2010Best Cities to Start a New Career The Daily Beast - October 2010Largest 5 Year Employment Gain (June 2005 - June 2010) U.S. Bureau of Labor StatisticsTop Cities for Recent College Grads Bloomberg Businessweek – July 2010Best Cities for Young Professionals – June 2010Highest Level of Entrepreneurial Activity Among Largest Metro Areas Kauffman Foundation of EntrepreneurshipTop Destination City U-Haul International – March 2012
  24. 24. Hot Topics• Red Light Cameras – once and for all, off• Drainage Fee• Pension Negotiations• OPEB (Other Post-employment Benefits)• Redistricting—two new City Council seats• Continued budget challenges
  25. 25. Fraud HotlineCity Controller is committed to eliminating fraud and waste in City government.Fraudulent activities being committed by government employees or officials, citizens, or business entities defrauding the City of Houston, can be reported at: – www.controller/audit/fraud.html
  26. 26. A Collaborative Effort by the City of HoustonController’s Office, the National League ofCities, the Federal Reserve Bank, the FDIC,, areabanking institutions and non-profit financialeducation agencies. “You’ve worked hard for your money—protect it.” City Controller Ronald C. Green
  27. 27. For more information about the Controller’s Office, visit Reports, Monthly Financial Statements, Annual FinancialReport, Press Releases, Investment Policy, Glossary of Financial Terms, Photo Gallery, Links to Government, University and Financial Institutions. If you would like a copy of this presentation, please e-mail