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  1. 1. Houston Ranks as One of America’s Best Cities• Houston is Texas’ second-best city to live in, according to a 2012 ranking by Bloomberg Businessweek.• Houston ranks No. 22 nationwide, but in Texas it is second only to Austin, which came in No. 8 nationwide.• Houston’s 549 bars and 5,549 restaurants contribute to the city’s quality of life. Cultural and recreation options — six professional sports teams, 58 museums, 63 libraries and 22 park acres per 1,000 residents — help put it over the top, Businessweek reports.• The city is also home to 17 colleges, and 6.6 percent of residents have a graduate degree. The median household income is $48,889.• San Francisco took the top spot on the 2012 “America’s 50 Best Cities” list.• The rankings evaluated the countrys 100 largest cities in areas such as leisure attributes, educational attributes, economic factors, crime and air quality. A greater emphasis was placed on leisure amenities this year than last.
  2. 2. Weekly HAR Market StatAs October gets under way already, some factors to watch this fall are probably thesame things youve likely been watching all year. Changes in sales levels, activelistings, market times, seller concessions and, of course, home prices have takencenter stage. To showcase just one, home prices may moderate on a month-to-monthbasis, but should continue to demonstrate resiliency in a year-over-year context. Whilethe economy has been sending some mixed signals lately, one aspect of this recoveryremains convincing: housing will be a net contributor. In the Houston region, for the week ending September 23: • New Listings decreased 5.6% to 1,828 • Pending Sales increased 49.6% to 1,581 • Closed Sales increased 14.7% to 1,237
  3. 3. Negotiate Your Educational Path Advanced Negotiations for Buyers Date: Wednesday, October 10 Time: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Location: HAR Central Investment: $99 Mastering Email Negotiations Date: Thursday, October 11 Time: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. Location: HAR Central Investment: $99Register @ Questions? 713-629-1900 ext. 6