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Parliament in Budget, Monsoon and Winter Session 2010


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Over the years, HAQ: Centre for Child Rights’ survey of childrelated Parliament questions has come to be increasingly referred to by interest groups working in the area of Child Rights. It not only delineates the time spent by our honourable members, our elected representatives, on issues concerning children on the floor of the House but also is an effective measure of how devoted our lawmakers are to children. On the part of HAQ, it involves a stupendous amount of effort in collecting, collating and subsequently analysing all the questions raised in both Houses to select those that are most pertinent to the issues of development, health, education and protection of children. Children Issues Raised in Parliament 2010

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Parliament in Budget, Monsoon and Winter Session 2010

  1. 1. Children Issues Raised in Parliament 20101 Prepared by 1 This analysis is based on the questions raised in the three sessions of Parliament, 2010. Information for the analysis has been obtained from website
  2. 2. Session wise Breakup of Child Focused Questions in both the Houses of Parliament 2010 House Budget Session Monsoon Session Winter Session Total for 2010 Total (SQ+UQ) Child Total (SQ+UQ) Child Total (SQ+UQ) Child Total (SQ+U Q) Child Number Per cent Number Per cent Number Per cent Number Per cent Lok Sabha 9678 260 2.69 6097 176 2.89 6220 95 1.53 21995 531 2.41 Rajya Sabha 5368 95 1.77 3960 100 2.53 4200 149 3.55 13528 344 2.54 Total 13528 355 2.62 10057 276 2.74 10420 244 2.34 34005 877 2.57 Source: Note: SQ: Starred question UQ: Unstarred Question
  3. 3. Sectorwise Child Focused Questions Sector Budget (LS+RS) Monsoon(LS+RS) Winter(LS+RS) Total Education 196 158 120 Protection 73 58 44 Health 54 36 53 Development 32 26 27 Total 355 278 244 Lok Sabha Education 147 91 46 Protection 51 49 18 Health 38 23 20 Development 24 13 11 Total 260 176 95 Rajya Sabha Education 49 67 74 Protection 22 9 26 Health 16 12 33 Development 8 12 16 Total 95 100 149 Note: LS-Lok Sabha RS-Rajya Sabha
  4. 4. Child Focused Questions raised in the Parliament Sessions in 2010 Session Budget Monsoon Winter Protection Question raised in this sector can be grouped under the following issues: Protection Crimes against children- • whether instances of sexual abuse and rape of children is on the rise • total number of such cases of child abuse reported on the last 3 years and present • solved and unsolved cases on child abuses and action taken against the accused and to curb such cases in the future Child labour- • statewise details of implementation of the Child Labour (Prohibition & Regulation) Act, 1986, including rescue and rehabilitation and action taken against the accused Juvenile Justice system- • whether juvenile crimes are increasing • details of child protection units being set up under the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2000 Crimes against children- • details of missing children • UNICEF report on child marriage • implementation of Child Marriage Restraint Act • theft of infants from hospitals • prevention of begging • prevention of female foeticide Child labour – • amendment in the child labour law • rehabilitation of rescued child labourers • UNICEF survey in child labour • Details about number of child labour in varied industries Juvenile Justice system- • proposed amendment in the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2000 • status of setting up of Juvenile Justice Boards as per instructions of Apex Court • juvenile crimes, legal Crimes against children- • number of cases of child abuse and action planned by the government. to prevent such incidences • details of missing children in the last 3 years • details of child marriages in last 3 years particularly in Bihar and Rajasthan • whether the Prohibition of Child Marriage Act has been successful in its implementation • details of instances of human trafficking including children • state wise sex ratio • number of cases of child rights violations in past 3 years Child labour • details of National Human Rights commission (NHRC) report of children working in private coal mines and government action taken • details of process to identify bonded and child labour
  5. 5. Child Focused Questions raised in the Parliament Sessions in 2010 Session Budget Monsoon Winter Protection proceedings against children under JJ act • statewise number of shelter homes for children • details about functioning of National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) • guidelines for adoption • details of schools under National Child Labour Project (NCLP) Children in need of care and protection • number of orphan children and orphanages in the country • details of homes for children with special needs • number of shelter homes being run under SWADHAR scheme Health Question raised in this sector can be grouped under the following issues: Health Malnutrition- • percentage of women & children suffering from malnutrition in the country including Bihar during last 3 years and current year, details of schemes being implemented by the government • nutritional status of children in India • surveys conducted on prevalence of malnutrition among children and preventive measures taken thereof • number of child deaths caused due to malnutrition • details of infant mortality due to malnutrition, budget allocated by the government to bring down infant mortality rate Malnutrition – • statistics on deaths caused by malnutrition • incidence of TB among those suffering from malnutrition, among tribals • World Health Organisation (WHO) norms on anaemia and malnutrition, • role of national advisory board to curb malnutrition Polio- • Information on number of cases, polio eradication programme Malnutrition- • details of malnourished children in the country and steps taken by the government to improve the situation, • status of hunger and malnutrition in the country, details of underweight children Vaccines- • details of child deaths due to spurious vaccinations • immunization of under 5 children and steps taken in the last 3 years to ensure full immunisation
  6. 6. Child Focused Questions raised in the Parliament Sessions in 2010 Session Budget Monsoon Winter Health Polio- • number of polio cases reported in the country till date • reasons for rise of polio cases • number of children fell unconscious or died during anti-polio drive in country and details of any inquiry done into it by the government Primary Health Centres (PHCs)- • details and numbers of centres set up state wise, including Maharashtra & in other backward areas; • whether medicines are freely available in PHCs; • whether the Union Government have any proposal to formulate any scheme for primary healthcare & treatment in tribal areas & Madhya Pradesh Vaccines- • details of pandemic vaccines imported by the government • safety of the vaccines in Indian Climate • whether the government has asked some international manufacturers for the selling of Influenza A H1N1 vaccines in the country Vaccines- • immunization of children, H1N1, vaccine for IMR, BCG vaccine procurement, deaths caused by vaccinations Infant Mortality Rate (IMR)- • drop in IMR among tribal • child mortality due to pneumonia and diarrhoea • harmful effects of Chinese toys, • eradication and goals of hunger Infant and child mortality rate- • average annual maternity and infant deaths from malnutrition and pregnancy related diseases • whether the government has constituted a plan to check mortality rate, • details of under 5 mortality prevailing in the country • India’s rank in world hunger index
  7. 7. Child Focused Questions raised in the Parliament Sessions in 2010 Session Budget Monsoon Winter Development In Development sector majority of the Development In this session questions were related to the implementation status of Integrated child Development Schemes(ICDS): • number of anganwadi workers in the country • possible government proposals to raise honorarium of anganwadi, training & pension, insurance schemes of workers • lack or presence of basic facilities in the anganwadi centres & details of government action taken thereof • number of children, pregnant & lactating mothers accessing the services in anganwadi centres • complaints regarding discontinuation of food supply at anganwadi centres due to non -payment of funds and if so, remedial steps taken by government • restructuring of pre-school education component of ICDS • details of supplementary nutrition programme, government plans to revise rates of nutritious food in view of price rise & details thereof • government efforts to cover left out children, funds allocated to and used by questions on ICDS were about: • Corruption in anganwadi centres, • Proposals about handing anganwadi centres over to NGOs • honorarium, guidelines for urban anganwadis, • working conditions and facilities at anganwadi • children falling ill at anganwadi centres • child care leave and implementation, • status on universalisation of ICDS • details of Flagship schemes and programmes in the country and their implementation • budget allocation and details of Rajiv Gandhi Scheme for Empowerment of Adolescent Girls (SABLA) scheme • status of feeding ‘ready to eat’ food to children under the ICDS scheme • details of implementation of Rajiv Gandhi Creche Scheme in the country and details of misappropriation of funds, if any • restructuring of ICDS • whether children of migrant workers are eligible to go to nearby ICDS centres, • whether the planning commission planned to scrap the ICDS scheme • details of anganwadi centres in all villages in the country
  8. 8. Child Focused Questions raised in the Parliament Sessions in 2010 Session Budget Monsoon Winter Development state governments-like Karnataka and Bihar • funds allocation for ICDS in Maharashtra • schemes to train anganwadi workers Education Questions on education can be grouped under the following issues: Education Right to Education Act (RTE)- • implementation and enforcement of RTE • shortage of primary school teachers & in rural areas and proposal to upgrade them Mid-day Meal (MDM) • concerns on poor quality of food distributed in schools under MDM • details of children who fell ill after consuming MDM in last 3 years & corrective measures taken by the government • whether government has recently reviewed the functioning of the scheme in the country, • positive impact on enrolment in schools Teachers- • proposals to review existing teacher training programme and curriculum & relevant details • proposals to amend the National Council RTE- • details regarding violation of RTE • implementation status and amendments, • concern of Muslims, objections of minorities MDM- • details of children and schools covered under the • irregularities and unhygienic food distributed under the scheme Teachers- • shortage of teachers in Assam • teachers for special children • presently vacant posts and untrained teachers • student teacher ratio • training courses offered to RTE- • details of implementation of RTE and establishment of monitoring agency for the same • number of out of school children • public awareness campaigns for RTE Act • details of school enrolment after implementation of the RTE Act and any violations of the Act by schools • adoption of schools under public private partnership • details of financial assistance to states for the implementation of the Act • recruitment of teachers for the RTE Act and coverage of children with special needs under the same
  9. 9. Child Focused Questions raised in the Parliament Sessions in 2010 Session Budget Monsoon Winter Education for Teachers Education ( NCTE) Act, Kendriya & Navodaya Vidyalayas- • norms for opening Kendriya Vidyalayas (KVs) in country & backward areas of Rajasthan, funds earmarked & sanctioned for the same • decline in education standard of Navodaya Vidyalayas • land allocation for setting up KVs • whether more than 2.5 lakh posts of teachers are lying vacant in KV Special groups- • teachers & facilities in school for disabled children ( mental and physical) Education in rural areas- • not up to mark standard of education in rural areas • details of primary school in rural areas teachers Kendriya & Navodaya Vidyalayas- • opening of KV in naxal affected areas, • opening of new KVs • KVs running without buildings Special groups- • schools, scholarships, hostels available for special children • schemes for SCs, STs and OBCs • fee reimbursement for OBCs Schemes- • details about misuse of funds under the schemes Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan (RMSA) • financial assistance released to states for Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan(SSA) • monitoring of central and state grants for SSA • details of number of children enrolled in schools in the public sector and admission of poor children in public schools • details of guidelines to ban corporal punishment MDM • coverage of students under the MDM scheme • whether the scheme has increased enrolment in schools • details of food poisoning cases • number of workers under the MDM scheme and details of their wages • whether the tribal students of certain states in Central India have access to MDM Teachers •details of teacher absenteeism and high drop out rate in schools •extent of shortage of qualified teachers for primary schools in rural areas •current estimates of teacher-
  10. 10. Child Focused Questions raised in the Parliament Sessions in 2010 Session Budget Monsoon Winter Education pupil ratio Schemes- •funds demanded and granted under SSA scheme in the last 3 years •implementation and review of SSA in Uttar Pradesh •construction of school buildings in Rajasthan under SSA