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  1. PSP3: Pre- and Post-Work Experience Assessment Non-Sandwich Route Student Name: Hansa Hussain Course: Biomedical Science Assessor Name: Razaq Assessor Position: Owner 1st Assessment Date: 10/03/2023 SKILL AREA Student Assessor Examples / comments Examples / comments A. COMMUNICATION e.g . clear, effective speech - expressiveness Able to communicate with shoppers in more than one language. Writing down and calculating stock inventory. Hansa is able to speak English, Urdu, and Punjabi. This is quite important as we have customers of different ethnicities that don’t understand English, so she is able to communicate with them effectively. She is also very good at organising, explaining things to customers, and writing things down such as stock inventory. - - explanatory ability writing skills Score 8 Score 10 - communicating with people at different levels B. WORKING WITH OTHERS e.g . co-operating - getting on with people Able to work in a team and help others when needed. Also happy to help and input and share my ideas in a team. Able to work in a team and communicate with others well and in both a professional and kind manner. - contributing to teamwork - working under supervision - - supervising working with people at different levels Score 8 Score 10
  2. C. IMPROVING OWN PERFORMANCE e.g . enthusiasm, commitment Good attendance. Enjoy learning new skills and getting feedback as I can learn more and improve my performance. Always on time and is happy to work extra shifts when asked. Always takes feedback positively and works hard every shift. - willingness to learn - initiative, resourcefulness taking responsibility - - maturity attendance, punctuality Score 8 Score 9 - personal organisation/work planning SKILL AREA Student Assessor Examples / comments Examples / comments D. PROBLEM SOLVING e.g - prioritising tasks - defining problems Good problem-solving skills. Happy to prioritise customers and help them out when needed. Also take charge of stock counts and calculations. Hansa is great at solving problems and is happy to take control and help others too. She is also great at calculating stock. - - taking action grasping main points Score 8 Score 9 - locating information
  3. E. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY e.g Able to use a pc, often use excel to generate a table of stock counts. Also, able to manage the tills. Has great knowledge with IT. Often helps with using Excel as well as Presentation to create flyers and banners. Is efficient with tills. - using word processing package - using other p.c. packages using databases Score 8 Score 9 - using company specific IT F. APPLICATION OF NUMBERS e.g - calculating / evaluating Count and calculate stock levels/ how much stock is needed. Able to use excel to present data. Often manages and takes control of calculating stock levels as well as cashing up at the end of the day. - - checking results / accuracy estimating Score 8 Score 10 - recording / presenting data
  4. SKILL AREA Student Assessor Examples / comments Examples / comments G. WORKING PRACTICE (i) Knowledge Aware of health and safety regulations and follow them. Adheres to health and safety regulations and is aware of fire safety practice. e.g - function / principles of equipment - safety regulations / procedures - knowing reasons for particular work practices Score 8 Score 8 - background / theoretical knowledge (ii) Work Skills e.g careful and safe working practice - manual dexterity Follows instructions clearly and uses correct methods for handling large loads. - correct use of equipment / methodology Follow protocols for lifting heavy loads. Score 9 Score 10 - follow methods / protocols - competent in a range of activities (iii) Quality of work e.g accuracy - reliability of service Fast worker and take great pride in completing things to the best of my ability. Great at working under pressure and hitting sale targets. Is very efficient and a reliable person. - attention to detail - level of service - efficiency Score 9 Score 9 - meets deadlines - resilience under pressure
  5. SKILL AREA Student Assessor Examples / comments Examples / comments H. PROFESSIONAL / ORGANISATIONAL AWARENESS e.g general presentation - personnel issues - professional ethics Adhere to the dress code. Able to take responsibility when needed and stay professional. Always wears the appropriate clothing, and never lets both staff or customers down, has great morals. - confidentiality - company structure Score 7 Score 9 - departmental structure/responsibilities - function of company
  6. Overall Student Mark 81/100 Overall Assessor Mark 93/100 TO BE COMPLETED BY THE STUDENT COMMENTS / PROPOSALS: Briefly reflect upon the assessment, including ideas to improve your employability skills I work for a family-owned clothing business, my main key roles are to work on the shop floor and be there for customers to answer and solve any queries as well as serve them. I often used to struggle with speaking to new people however, since I got this job it has allowed me to connect and speak with more individuals which has increased my confidence and has also improved my social anxiety. I am always on time to this job however, that is partially because it is very close to my home and the shop opens at 12pm, so I do need to make sure that if I do get a job in the future more further away I will need to prioritise my work and make sure to get there on time no matter how far or even if I have to start earlier than what I am used to. I did not rate myself 10/10 in any of the ratings although my employer did, my reason for this is because I think there is always room for improvement.