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Livo Mobile Presentation


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Published in: Software
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Livo Mobile Presentation

  1. 1. Business Mobile Apps Platform Fetih SAYGI CEO @ Livo
  2. 2. WHAT IS LIVO? Livo is a flexible mobile app platform which helps midsize companies to roll out enterprise grade, rich mobile applications without complex iOS or Android code development
  3. 3. WHY LIVO ? • Build a mobile app with a few clicks • Deliver the power of the enterprise to the midsize businesses • Integrate with enterprise backend • Deploy cross platform on iOS and Android Development Integration Testing Deployment Management
  4. 4. BENEFITS • Reduced time and cost via rapid development • No complex iOS or Android skillset required • Only common web technologies. No training required • One code for all platforms reducing code management • Easy maintenance with central user management • Fast mobile app deployment • No vendor lock-in
  5. 5. FEATURES: CLOUD PLATFORM • Multiple deployment options a. On-premise virtual server b. Private cloud c. SAAS subscription • Full scalable open architecture • Complete web based management
  6. 6. FEATURES: API INTEGRATION • Easily bridge mobile apps with enterprise applications • Web services, Jason • RESTFUL API, SOAP, SAP Webservice Wizard ….including JavaScript connectors • Ready to use NetSuite connector
  7. 7. FEATURES: MANAGE AND DISTRIBUTE • Centrally distribution and management • Replace the app stores • Switch between themes • Version management • Authorization(LDAP &more), Authentication
  8. 8. 5 Click Demo
  9. 9. DASHBOARD Web counsel provides easy to use health analytics for all apps for the administrator
  10. 10. CREATE APP No code application development and framework selection
  11. 11. CHOOSE LAYOUT Choosing and layout from existing templates is with a click!
  12. 12. COMPONENT TOOLBAR Using drop down tool bar to change labels and add features without complex IOS or Android language
  13. 13. SIMULATE AND TEST Simulate, test and adjust if necessary right from the UI
  14. 14. THANK YOUFetih SAYGI CEO @ Livomobile Twitter : @SAYGIFetih